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A Global Movement of Christ-Centred Education

Get to know the organizations we partner with around the world. Across three continents, they're working every day to transform their communities with the Gospel.

How We Partner

Partner Led, Always

Our work is led by our partners' strengths and desires. We partner with locally-led school associations and organizations working towards our common vision: communities transformed by Christ-centred education.

We're All in This Together

We come alongside partners for the long-term - some for over a decade now. We work together to execute multi-year plans and stand by them to see the plans to completion. Our commitment helps partners thrive, ensuring sustainable impact.

It Starts With a Leader

All our partnerships begin with investment in teachers and leaders, transforming education from the heart. When we see teachers and leaders growing, we move into school construction projects and support for students.

"Most of my work wouldn't be possible without EduDeo's help. EduDeo is the instrument God uses to sustain my work of accompanying, encouraging, and training school leaders so that they can respond to their call as a servant leader. God has used EduDeo during these years to bless my mind, heart, and hands. I have been transformed into my ability to love God, love, and serve what surrounds me in a way that honors God."

– Guillermo, leader, Dominican Republic

"For me, partnering has meant the cooperation of Christian educators in other parts of the world who have been able to lead change. This means for me that is possible to fill the gap and create a change of mindset. I am not alone in leading this change in Guatemala and in the organization I belong, but I am in the company of professionals with the same heart for Christian education."

– Ruth, leader, Guatemala

"Partnering with EduDeo has meant a lot for CCAP schools. It has helped us redefine what being a Christian school is. More schools are aware what it means to be a Christian school today than how it has been before the partnership with EduDeo. Partnering with EduDeo for me also means having a friend whom I can share our story and challenges with."

– Rev. Nehemia, leader, Zambia