Our Partners

Organizations Transforming Communities

Meet the locally-led school associations and organizations working to transform their communities and countries through Christ-centred education.

Partner Led. Always.

Our work is led by our partners’ strengths and what they desire. We partner with locally-led school associations and organizations working towards our common vision: communities transformed by Christ-centred education.

We’re All in This Together.

Many of our partners have been with us almost a decade – through times of blessing and crisis. We work with them as they lay multi-year plans – and stand by them as they see those plans to completion. Our commitment helps our partners thrive, ensuring their impact for decades to come.

It Starts With a Leader.

All our partnerships begin with teachers and leaders, transforming education from its heart. When we see teachers and leaders growing, we move into school construction projects and support for vulnerable students.

service teams

Helping Another Nation Develop Schools: a short-term service team that grows your view of God and schools around the world. Whether you have construction experience or not, we have a place for you.

Join a Team


Participate in a Hamilton-based, family-friendly race the first weekend in November. Join over 200 people passionate about sharing EduDeo’s cause and having fun at the same time.

Run the race

Edudeo go

Walk, run, bike, or swim for 90 days to build Christ-centred classrooms. Set personal goals, raise funds for logging kilometers, and join friends across Canada to impact children around the world.

Join a Team