Co-Impact Teams

Working Together for Community Impact

Co-Impact teams offer North Americans a volunteer opportunity to participate firsthand in furthering the ministry goals of EduDeo and its international partners. Whether you’re a part of a construction team or champion team, you are co-workers in God’s service with our partners, working together to impact each other and global communities.

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Have questions about types of teams, requirements to travel, or what a typical Co-Impact experience looks like? We’ve got answers.

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Are you part of a church or school who wants to learn more about forming a team? Contact us to learn more about upcoming projects.

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Join a Co-Impact team and serve our partners and their communities

Support Partner Priorities

EduDeo’s work is driven by service to our international partners. We want to understand their visions and missions and the priorities they identify and let that guide our work and relationships. Our partners understand their communities and contexts best.

Reframe Your Perspectives

We desire your team to enter partner spaces with a posture of humility and a desire to learn and be shaped. Your team supports and encourages partners, leaders, teachers, students, and community members through the ministry of presence. On a Co-Impact team, you get to experience the global community of God and find your place in it.

Engage in Project Activities

Participants play a small and vital role in a larger, ongoing story by contributing to partner’s ministry activities. The EduDeo-approved projects (whether construction or other activities) you work on have been identified by partners as priorities for the community. Our partners desire for us to come alongside them in their existing work. 

"Ever since I can recall there have been Americans and Canadians that come visit our school. Every year, they brighten my days. Their passion in helping through the projects they do in our school and what they bring for all of us – this has amazed me."

– Lindsey, student, Belize

Bottom line, my one response to people is: it will be a life-changing experience. Coming back changed and being more aware of the world out there, and being more aware of how big God is… that’s reason enough to go.

– Steve McKnight, Co-Impact team leader, Belize

"We asked God to send people and the means to fix (our school’s) play area. We did not have a place for the students to gather and play. We prayed every day for two years. And God sent us you, the team."

– Yesenia, teacher, Dominican Republic