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Walking Together

Teachers supporting teachers for greater impact

It’s not enough to put children in a classroom – they need a transformational, Christ-centred education. When teachers, leaders, and organizations are equipped to deliver that education, generations of students grow up to change their communities – and the world.

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When Jesus is only found in school prayer time, students miss out on the opportunity to encounter whole-life transformation and share it with their communities.

Workshops like Curriculum Development, Faith & Technology, and Student Assessments ensure teachers have the tools to root all learning in the Gospel – both in and out of the classroom.


Investing in a leader means investing in an entire school of students and teachers. When a leader is the best they can be, everyone experiences the benefits.

Workshops like Servant Leadership, Restorative Practices, and School Culture equip principals and leaders to make their schools places of quality learning, growth, and Christ-centred love.


A school with healthy teachers and leaders needs a healthy organization to support it and challenge it to achieve its goals.

Workshops like Board Governance, Strategic Planning, and Organizational Visioning guide school associations and organizations to smart, sustainable impact for generations to come.

I had the privilege to participate in EduDeo’s training on Restorative Practices. This training has been a blessing for my life. It has allowed me to look at others not through glasses of judgement and blame, but through glasses of grace, compassion, and forgiveness.

– Tazile, leader, Haiti

Not only did I gain knowledge, but my faith and spiritual life have grown because of what was unveiled to me in the course. My way of thinking about my [purpose] as a teacher has totally changed: I now see myself as a transformation agent of my students through education, by teaching from the heart to the heart, thereby leading them to God’s kingdom.

– Esther, teacher, Zambia

After visiting Rwanda and listening to their stories, now I have come to say: problems are everywhere, and I am not the only one. There are also others who are dealing with the same challenges like us. This helped me to endure with perseverance.

– Mitiku, leader, Ethiopia