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Who We Are

Our Vision
Every community transformed by the Gospel.

Our Mission
To advance Christ-centred education for children worldwide.

EduDeo Ministries advances Christ-centred education in three key ways:



Christ-centred teaching integrates the Gospel into every subject, lesson, and story. When teachers and leaders are invested in, students reap the benefits.



Christ-centred schools are more than just centres of learning – they’re beacons of hope, shining Jesus’ light to their communities.



Practical supports like bursaries, desks, disability aides and more, ensure all children - no matter their situation - have access to a transformational education.

How we partner

We work exclusively through partnerships with locally-led organizations in the majority world. We want communities to be agents of their own transformation – leaders of their own sustainable development. That’s why you won’t see EduDeo’s name on schools around the world. What you will see is organizations making change best suited to their cultures and contexts.

Where we work

Christ calls us to bring His Gospel to the ends of the earth – to all His children. That’s why we work with organizations serving in vulnerable communities – so all children, no matter their situation, have access to a life-transforming education. We currently work in 13 countries in Central America, the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South East Asia.

Meet our partners

Why Christ-centred
education? Learning to Live as Christ

Education is one of the most effective ways to alleviate physical poverty, providing children better opportunities for employment and security.

Children need more, however, than just physical well-being. They need lives of purpose, meaning, and joy. Christ-centred education teaches children to live as Christ - creating agents of transformation in the world.

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Our Team

Our Team

Meet the people passionate about changing the world through Christ-centred education.


Our Finances

We strive to steward the resources God has given us, using our time, finances, and gifts to further the transformative work of advancing Christ-centred education.

To do this well, we need to invest in international partners and build relationships with you, our supporters.

See how your donation will be used.

When it comes to your donation, we’re open books.

Our History

Our History

Our History Our History