Why Christ-
Centred Education?

This is the heart of EduDeo

What are facts without wisdom? What is knowledge without compassion? We believe education rooted in the Gospel is the best way to bring about transformation for children and their communities.

Believe with us.

Why education?

Hope For the

All over the world, families put their hope in education. They trust education to bring them out of poverty, create a better future, and change their lives forever.

A Powerful Tool

Education stands out among all other forms of development as the most effective way to alleviate poverty. Learning in and out of the classroom addresses the root of societal problems and stops them from happening in the first place.

Lasting Change

Education is not a band-aid – it is not temporary aid or relief, but a sustainable way to affect change. With education, a child, their family, and entire communities can lift themselves out of poverty and into lasting change.

Why christ-centred education? Because education itself is not enough

Whole-Life Hope

Education can alleviate poverty, but only Christ can transform a heart. Without the Gospel, education cannot comprehensively address all the social, emotional, and spiritual effects of poverty. Without the Gospel, education itself is not enough.

The Most Powerful

Christ-centred education equips children as agents of transformation in their communities. Everything they learn in and out of the classroom teaches them to live as Christ and informs everything they do for the rest of their lives.

Eternal Change

Christ-centred education actively seeks to advance the kingdom of God in every community it is found. Children raised in Christ-centred classrooms not only work for the sustainable betterment of their communities, but to bring about Gospel love into the hearts of all those they meet.

Christ-centred education in action
Esamir’s Story of Transformation

By the age of 15, I was already involved in a life of crime. I was taken to jail on several occasions. I was on the streets until very late at night. I was always angry and full of hatred… Today, I am not counted among many of my friends who died before reaching adulthood. God had mercy on me and used this wonderful school that I call home.

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