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Give Children
Education + Gospel

...And transform their lives and communities as a result.

Children need an education that will not only inspire their minds, but awaken their hearts. They need the skills and tools to lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty - but they also need the love of Jesus in their hearts to truly make a difference.

When you give to EduDeo Ministries, you're providing everything a child needs for a quality, Christ-centred education, including:

  • Workshops and trainings so teachers and school leaders can provide a top-quality education that comes alive with the Gospel.
  • Infrastructure investments for classrooms, dorms, washrooms, and more so all children have safe, sufficient space to learn and grow.
  • Supports for students like bursaries, learning resources, and disability aides to make education more inclusive and accessible.

All these things are made possible when you give to EduDeo Ministries. You provide teachers, schools, and students with the practical supports they need for education to stir heads, hearts, and hands into Christ-like service.

And even more than that, your gift provides a catalyst for community transformation.

For when children are brought up with education in one hand and the Gospel in the other, they are brought up as agents of community transformation in this generations and the ones to come.

Yes! I want to build up generations of children with Christ-centred education!

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Your loving gift of $92 can fill a student's backpack this back-to-school season. You'll make sure they have everything they need to get back in the classroom and learn to live as Christ!



Give towards a Co-Impact team as they participate firsthand in furthering the ministry goals of EduDeo’s international partners, co-working together in God’s service.

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Give towards a friend or family member’s race and help and help schools make the space needed for all children through school construction.

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