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Without your prayers, gifts, support, and involvement, this work wouldn’t happen. That’s why we’re committed to showing you the tangible difference you’re making for teachers, schools, and students. Stories, videos, and statistics will give you a fuller picture of the transformation starting with Christ-centred education and growing to transform entire communities.

Together, we are:



Working with over 11,194 teachers and leaders to mentor, encourage, and empower them in their calling.



Working with 1,337 schools, ensuring students have enough safe space to learn about Christ.



Working to ensure over 392,386 children attend a Christ-centred school, learning to be agents of transformation in their communities.


Meet our partners: the organizations and people working in their countries to transform communities, one classroom at a time.

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From transforming teaching to building classrooms to providing tuition bursaries – discover the next project you’d like to support.

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Get inspired by the stories of teachers, schools, students, and entire communities who have all been touched – and transformed – by Christ-centred education.

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