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Connecting Classrooms Around the World

Maybe you want to grow your lesson plans to include more global perspectives and relationships. Or you're ready to fundraise for a meaningful project and have a real impact. Maybe you want your students to have a first-hand experience of another culture and context. Wherever you and your students are at, we’ll work with you to connect you with EduDeo's work and partners - making learning come alive like never before!


Building a community of belonging at school strengthens relationships and goes hand-in-hand with academic success. But in Malawi, it is rare to find schools that provide a safe and supportive learning environment where students with special needs can belong. Join schools across Canada as they raise funds and awareness for special education training for teachers, school gardens, and more in Malawi.

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Sign up your class or entire school to get active and support Christ-centred education around the world. Choose whatever activities are best for you, set goals, get pledges, track your progress, and win badges! We’ll provide you with the online platform and all the materials you need to help you GO!

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Sending a short-term construction or champion team is a great way for your students to make a tangible impact around the world. Co-Impact teams offer students an experience that will shape their hearts, challenge their perspectives, and open their eyes to God's global kingdom.

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Looking for a unique professional development opportunity that will grow your perspective and world? Join us and your fellow Canadian educators as we travel to meet teachers, visit classrooms, and learn more about global Christ-centred education.

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Is your class studying global communities? Do you want your students to know what education is like around the world? Do you want to give your school an introduction to poverty and positive change? We love giving presentations to classes and entire schools about EduDeo’s work. Let's grow your students’ cultural intelligence together!

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“My students ran a travelling toilet campaign which used a toilet prop and marketing campaign to raise awareness and funds (for girls' education). The campaign helped the whole school gain awareness and empathy for their peers around the globe. The students were blown away by the positive response of the school and the community. They found great satisfaction in the knowledge that their classwork will not only receive a grade, but will help both boys and girls access quality, Christ-centred education so they can pass on the effects of this education to improve their family, community, and country for generations to come!”

– Calvin, 2022 Annual Campaign participant

"I would say the biggest spiritual impact this trip had on me was to remind me of how much more I want to bring God into my classroom. I sat in on a Math lesson where the teacher so naturally pointed to the graph on the chalkboard and started talking about how we are imperfect reflections of God. It was a good eye-opening moment for me."

– Kayla, Discover & Learn participant

"Participating in the Education Formula all began with the students. While studying a unit called “Canada, Reaching Beyond It’s Borders” the desire to support those beyond our borders arose. When EduDeo’s proposal popped into my inbox, the students were all in. The opportunity to help girls across the world get an education created enthusiasm for these Grade Six students. This fundraiser provided an authentic learning experience that was engaging for the students, helping them understand they can make a difference. They decided to throw a community wide Read-a-thon, inviting schools in the area to join us. Students are filled with ideas, enthusiasm, love and a desire to help, they just need a platform for take off and EduDeo was that platform."

– Lisa, 2022 Annual Campaign participant