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Give your students a global perspective through cross-cultural learning and more. We’ll work with you to build relationships in unique ways with students, teachers, and schools around the world.

Pi Plan:
the Code

For many students around the world, computers only exist when they’re drawn on a piece of paper, hanging on a classroom wall. Join schools across Canada as they raise funds to make the dream of technology in the classroom a reality for students in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Zambia.

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Give your students a reason to get outside and get active. Sign up your school – or even just your class – to join our Road2Hope: School Edition. Each participating class or school receives a launch pack with all the resources you need to create a fun, meaningful, educational event. 

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School HANDS
Service Teams 

Want to give your students a life-, heart-, and mind-shaping international experience? Sign them up for a School HANDS experience. With opportunities for short-term missions, relationship building and international learning, EduDeo offers a HANDS experience for everyone.  

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Write to Hope
A school project
that bridges cultures

Participate in a unique project-based learning opportunity to collaborate with a class in an EduDeo partner country to write and illustrate a story. When the project ends, your class and your partner class will each receive copies of the book, as well as a deeper understanding of another culture. 

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Discover & Learn
Calling All

Looking for a unique professional development opportunity that will grow your perspective and world? Join us Summer 2020 in the Dominican Republic as we travel to meet teachers, visit classrooms, and learn more about global Christ-centred education.

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Let’s Learn

Is your class studying international development? Do you want your students to know what education is like in the majority world? We love giving presentations to classes and entire schools about EduDeo’s work and how we can grow your students’ cultural intelligence together.

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We wanted to find a unique way to connect students from Trinity Christian School to our sister school, Las Esperanza, in the Dominican Republic. We partnered with EduDeo Ministries to jointly write and illustrate a story. This challenged us to explore what life might be like in each other’s cultures and learn to appreciate the similarities and differences we face.

– Audrey, teacher, Write to Hope participant

I would say the biggest spiritual impact this trip had on me was to remind me of how much more I want to bring God into my classroom. I sat in on a Math lesson where the teacher so naturally pointed to the graph on the chalkboard and started talking about how we are imperfect reflections of God. It was a good eye-opening moment for me.

– Kayla, Discover and Learn participant

From the minute I heard about this [Discover & Learn] trip, I knew I wanted to come. I didn't really understand why I felt such a strong pull towards a place I'd never been to, but I know God has His reasons.

– Nadine, 2019 Discover & Learn participant