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Welcome to The Neighbourhood

Good neighbours are the heartbeat of their community — and members of The Neighbourhood are the heartbeat of EduDeo Ministries. Members of The Neighbourhood give monthly to make sure every child around the world has access to a quality education rooted in the love of Jesus.

Neighbourhoods and communities are essential to a healthy, flourishing life – we weren’t created to be alone. When a child doesn’t go to school, they miss out on building relationships and forming communities. For hundreds of thousands of children around the world, school is the place they don’t feel alone. School is the place where their friends, family, and neighbours are found.

This is where you come in.

When you join The Neighbourhood, you join a collective whose sole purpose is to put children in a classroom where Christ is number one.

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Why give monthly?

Something we
can count on

We love to count on our neighbours. We can do amazing things when we know you’re showing up. With your monthly generosity, EduDeo Ministries and our partners will grow in a sustainable way.

Small Act,
Big Impact

Small acts of kindness to our neighbours have long-lasting impacts. It’s the same with monthly giving at EduDeo – any amount you bless us with makes a big impact in the life of a student, teacher, and school.

You’re part of

When you become a member of The Neighbourhood, you become an active participant in EduDeo’s vision — to see every community transformed by the Gospel. That includes you and your community.

How It Works

Pick a

Give where your heart is: Belize, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, or Zambia. You can pick a single country, or select multiples.

Pick an

We never want monthly giving to feel out of reach – so any amount you choose to give goes a long way to bless our partners.


We promise to show you how you’re making a difference for your neighbours through exclusive stories, videos, and more.

Yes! I will give monthly to ensure more children enter a classroom where Christ is number one.