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How We Partner

Partnering for Greater Impact

The world is filled with passionate, skilled men and women who know their students, schools, and communities best. That's why we partner with locally-led organizations to invest in their strengths and grow their priorities.

The Process


EduDeo receives requests for partnership from three main sources: an organization that works with one of our existing partners in the same region; local branches of international development organizations; or an individual familiar with both EduDeo and another organization.


EduDeo also seeks out new partnerships in three main ways: encouraging existing partners to expand their reach in their countries; connecting with other global organizations; or researching potential partners in high areas of interest.


We never rush into partnerships. We're patient to make sure partners are a good fit, can be mutually beneficial, and will work in the long-term. Before partnerships begin, we will typically spend 1-2 years meeting together with an organization's leadership.


When meeting with potential partners, we consider: faith commitment; alignment of vision, mission, and partnership approach; composition of partner board and leadership; local educational and community context; and recommendations by other credible organizations. All partnerships are formally approved by the EduDeo Board.


As we move forward into formal partnership, we spend virtual and in-person time with an organization's leadership, but also their teachers and educators. We present EduDeo's vision for Christ-centred education, but work together so partners can adapt it to their context & culture, making it their own.


All our partnerships begin with workshops for teachers and leaders, transforming education from its heart. These can cover topics like curriculum design, leadership, conflict resolution, and more. When we see teachers and leaders growing, we move into construction projects and student support programs.

Our Programs

All programs and projects we run with partners fit within our three pillars.



Teachers are at the heart of education, so we always invest in them. Together, we provide workshops and mentoring for teachers & leaders in areas such as strategic planning, curriculum development, conflict resolution, masters programs, leadership, and much more.



We partner to create vibrant, thriving spaces at schools. Projects like building and rehabilitating classrooms, bathrooms, dorms, labs, offices, training centres, and more ensure schools continue to have the safe, sufficient space they need to be beacons of hope in their communities.



Christ-centred education at schools should be accessible for all children and families, no matter their situation. Supports like tuition bursaries, technology in the classroom, mobility aides, and more provide kids with a holistic yet always accessible education.

"Most of my work wouldn't be possible without EduDeo's help. EduDeo is the instrument God uses to sustain my work of accompanying, encouraging, and training school leaders so that they can respond to their call as a servant leader. God has used EduDeo during these years to bless my mind, heart, and hands. I have been transformed into my ability to love God, love, and serve what surrounds me in a way that honors God."

– Guillermo, leader, Dominican Republic

"We appreciate very much that EduDeo shares our mission and is constantly present by our side, despite the difficult moments. The partnership with EduDeo allows us to achieve our goals, helping us to train qualified teachers capable of providing quality education to students. Through this partnership I also realized that, in opposition to many other organizations, we do have a vision to impact this world for the glory of God. This partnership is a constant reminder to me to always seek the glory of God in all of our projects, no matter how positive they may be for the community. Always put God's glory first."

– Louisenette, leader, Haiti

"Partnering with EduDeo has meant a lot for CCAP schools. It has helped us redefine what being a Christian school is. More schools are aware what it means to be a Christian school today than how it has been before the partnership with EduDeo. Partnering with EduDeo for me also means having a friend whom I can share our story and challenges with."

– Rev. Nehemia, leader, Zambia

"For me, partnering has meant the cooperation of Christian educators in other parts of the world who have been able to lead change. This means for me that is possible to fill the gap and create a change of mindset. I am not alone in leading this change in Guatemala and in the organization I belong, but I am in the company of professionals with the same heart for Christian education."

– Ruth, leader, Guatemala

"Personally, for me the partnership with EduDeo has been a continuous learning journey. I have seen modelled what it means to walk along those under your care. It has been modelled to me what it means to encourage other, yet graciously challenge other to own to their calling. Growth comes over time by providing the needed resources and support; this is what has been EduDeo’s partnership for my leadership. I have seen modelled what it means to build a partnership and community of/with trust, yet very accountable. I have been given the time to personally uncover and continue to develop by gifts within a partnership that values relationships, trust, empowerment and the potential of each individual."

– Alvaro, leader, Belize

"It is a great opportunity for EEUC to have a partner like EduDeo which invests in leaders and teachers so that EEUC educators learn how to teach Christianly and promote Christ-centered education through-lines. Personally, I feel privileged to be able to walk alongside EduDeo in this great journey of community-transforming mission. So, this partnership helped me to deliver my passion through platforms and programs that EduDeo created."

– Mitiku, leader, Ethiopia