The Chrysalis E-Newsletter: October 2021

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Dear Friends,

Congratulations on completing your first month of school! It's hard to believe that it's already October. The leaves are changing colours, the temperature is decreasing, and the sweaters are coming out. The changing seasons are a reminder of how God upholds all of creation. May you continue to take comfort in His sovereignty as you navigate the joys and challenges of educating the next generation. 

In this issue, we're focusing on this year's annual school campaign. You may recognize the name and theme from last year, but the projects have changed. We hope the following resources will help you and your students learn more about how washrooms and dormitories don't just keep a girl safe and healthy at school - they can be tools to change entire communities.


Laurie Koning

School Relationship Manager 


Last year, Canadian Christian schools raised $30,000 towards girls' dormitories in Zambia and on-site health support for girls in the Dominican Republic. This year we're continuing our support of girls' education by helping our partners in Zambia build washrooms and dormitories so that girls can have safe and healthy spaces to learn. Check out our video below!

One way in which you and your students can support the girls' education in Zambia is through fundraising, but we also need you to share the message! In this activity, students have an opportunity to learn about the need for girls' education and develop their own promotional materials to spread the word about EduDeo's campaign, The Education Formula.

Download the lesson plan:


World Toilet Day is an official United Nations international observance day on November 19. Join others around the world to raise awareness about the importance universal access to sanitation. I've provided you with plenty of activity ideas for how to incorporate World Toilet Day into your classroom - whether you teach math, social studies or physical education - and encourage you to use these ideas to promote The Education Formula as well! 

(Stay tuned for details about our social media challenge in which we'll ask you to share your thoughts about the importance of sanitation where many people do their best thinking. #squatthoughts) 

Download the resource list:


Sign up your class or entire school to get active and raise awareness and funds support girls' education in Zambia. Choose whatever activities are best for you, set goals, get pledges, and track your progress online! We’ll provide you with the online platform and all the materials you need to help you GO!

Sign up your class or school and see who else is participating by visiting: 


This fall I'll be presenting at three Christian school conferences on topics such as how to integrate EduDeo and our partners into authentic learning experiences, as well as the keys to fundraising well in a school setting. (Some registrations are now closed, but some recorded workshops will be available in November.)

Prairie Centre for Christian Education(PCCE) Educator's Convention (October 21, 22)

Edvance Annual Gathering (October 28, 29)

Canadian Reformed Teacher's Convention (October 28)


There are so many ways to involve EduDeo in your classroom, even while learning online. I'm eager to present to your class on a number of topics, including: poverty around the world, the importance of education, global citizenship, agricultural school programs, HIV & AIDS, and EduDeo's work. Contact me to discuss what would suit your class and share any other ideas you might have!

Email Laurie:


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