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An Anthology of Appreciation... For You and Your Caring Heart

An Anthology of Appreciation... For You and Your Caring Heart


Thanks to you and the love you show, EduDeo's work is all possible. There’s so much that happens every year, we don’t even have space to share it all. But…here’s a start! Thank you for the special role you played in this last year!

Running Road2Hope for Haiti

Road2Hope may have been a little socially distanced in November 2021, but faithful runners brought their energy and passion. Thank you for running and raising $9,260 for training centres in Haiti damaged by the earthquake.

A New Podcast

Inspired by teachers around the world? Interested in global education? Want to know leaders’ dreams? The Community Conversations podcast, launched in March 2022, is for you! Go to get to know our international partners better.

From One Pig... A Lifetime of Growth!

Charles has big dreams for his future. He wants to run a piggery, e m p l o y others, and provide for this family. Better yet: “I wish to be a role model to the society so that people appreciate the skills I would have learnt at school.” Your passion for students’ futures will help more boys and girls like Charles achieve their dreams. Thanks to your role in Giving Tuesday 2021, $36,715 will help students in Zambia and Burkina Faso learn practical farming skills.

HANDS -> Co-Impact!

This popular shortterm missions program got a facelift and a re-focus. Now, you and your team can participate in construction or champion activities. Impact for you, impact for schools, impact for communities. Everybody gets impacted! 1st team in the fi eld… in 2.5 years! Thank you, Burlington March Co-Impact Team, for your investment at Peña de Horeb school in the Dominican Republic!

Want to learn more about Co-Impact? Visit

Leaving a Legacy of Love

In 2021, Alice Vanderkooy (a long-time EduDeo volunteer and friend) created the Transforming Education Award to leave a legacy and invest in emerging leaders so they could pursue higher education and impact their communities. Through her time with educators around the world, she could see they were incredibly deserving of investment - and capable of great community impact.

Reflecting on the award in her own words, Alice said: “This is exactly what I wanted. I was so excited because it [the award] is really what I wanted to have happen. I strongly believe in the mandate and the hopes and dreams [of the award].”

Now, Alice’s dreams are coming true, even since her passing in March 2022. Luisa (read her story here) is the third recipient of the award, and refl ects: “This Masters Program will greatly enhance my professional capacity to lead the school, achieving better ministry results and greater impact in the lives of our students, their families, and the entire community.”

If you are interested in leaving a loving legacy of your own to impact leaders, students, and communities for generations, visit