EduDeo Ministries is a Canadian, Christian, mission organization serving children in developing countries with quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview.
  • Why Do We Serve

    Today’s headlines say it all. Brokenness runs rampant everywhere we look: War & crime. Orphans & widows. Greed & poverty. As Christians, we are called to impact our world in Jesus’ name – to address the suffering caused by injustice, inequality, corruption and despair. To bring the Hope of the Gospel to the world.

  • Where Do We Begin

    Our world needs to change and we believe that it is pivotal to invest in children! Education is proven as the #1 way to break the cycle of poverty. Also, there are an estimated 1.1 billion children who do not know Christ, and Barna Research shows that there is only a 7% chance they will come to know him after age 14!

    EduDeo Ministries works to provide education rooted in a Biblical worldview that has the power to transform lives for eternity!

  • How Do We Do It

    EduDeo Ministries strategically partners with Christian school associations and mission organizations in developing countries to impact:

    • Students: Scholarships give vulnerable children access to Christian schools.
    • Teachers: Training workshops pass on effective teaching methods and how to integrate a Biblical worldview into the classroom.
    • Schools: Volunteer HANDS teams help with school construction projects.
We want to advance Christ-centred education for children around the world. Join the mission!
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Recent news & comments

Performance Evaluations, Planning and Governance February 3, 2020

What an action  packed week with 30 Singergia Christian Principals and Vice-Principals in the Dominican Republic; it was wonderful!Performance Planning - "They just don’t like to get evaluated unless they know it’s going to be good” That…

Building Community in Nicaragua January 30, 2020

It’s early – 4:50 AM to be exact when Pablo Mendez (ACECEN's Executive Director) arrives to pick up Jim Deters and Elco Vandergrift (EduDeo's foreign Learning Leaders) at their hotel in down town Managua.  Pablo has been up since 3 AM getting…

A Principal’s Principle: Realign Your Devotion January 23, 2020

The first time I heard the phrase, I was somewhat taken aback by the teacher’s comment.She referred to her students as “my babies”. It seemed to me like a professional overreach, somehow beyond the bounds of teacher-student relationships.…

With a Little Help from Some Friends January 20, 2020

When done well, planning for the future is a deep blessing.When the planning comes from a place of painful honesty from all who are currently diminished by their community weaknesses, that planning is a gift gladly received. When shared weaknesses are…

A bumpy journey January 17, 2020

Today we are thankful that no one got hurt while part of the group was travelling on a very bumpy road to a remote school.  A tie rod on the vehicle broke, and we ended up next to the road in a field. A few young men walking along the road helped push us…

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