EduDeo Ministries is a Canadian, Christian, mission organization serving children in developing countries with quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview.
  • Why Do We Serve

    Today’s headlines say it all. Brokenness runs rampant everywhere we look: War & crime. Orphans & widows. Greed & poverty. As Christians, we are called to impact our world in Jesus’ name – to address the suffering caused by injustice, inequality, corruption and despair. To bring the Hope of the Gospel to the world.

  • Where Do We Begin

    Our world needs to change and we believe that it is pivotal to invest in children! Education is proven as the #1 way to break the cycle of poverty. Also, there are an estimated 1.1 billion children who do not know Christ, and Barna Research shows that there is only a 7% chance they will come to know him after age 14!

    EduDeo Ministries works to provide education rooted in a Biblical worldview that has the power to transform lives for eternity!

  • How Do We Do It

    EduDeo Ministries strategically partners with Christian school associations and mission organizations in developing countries to impact:

    • Students: Scholarships give vulnerable children access to Christian schools.
    • Teachers: Training workshops pass on effective teaching methods and how to integrate a Biblical worldview into the classroom.
    • Schools: Volunteer HANDS teams help with school construction projects.
We want to advance Christ-centred education for children around the world. Join the mission!
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Brian, Are you going again in 2020? Harry

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