EduDeo Ministries is a Canadian, Christian, mission organization serving children in developing countries with quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview.
  • Why Do We Serve

    Today’s headlines say it all. Brokenness runs rampant everywhere we look: War & crime. Orphans & widows. Greed & poverty. As Christians, we are called to impact our world in Jesus’ name – to address the suffering caused by injustice, inequality, corruption and despair. To bring the Hope of the Gospel to the world.

  • Where Do We Begin

    Our world needs to change and we believe that it is pivotal to invest in children! Education is proven as the #1 way to break the cycle of poverty. Also, there are an estimated 1.1 billion children who do not know Christ, and Barna Research shows that there is only a 7% chance they will come to know him after age 14!

    EduDeo Ministries works to provide education rooted in a Biblical worldview that has the power to transform lives for eternity!

  • How Do We Do It

    EduDeo Ministries strategically partners with Christian school associations and mission organizations in developing countries to impact:

    • Students: Scholarships give vulnerable children access to Christian schools.
    • Teachers: Training workshops pass on effective teaching methods and how to integrate a Biblical worldview into the classroom.
    • Schools: Volunteer HANDS teams help with school construction projects.
We want to advance Christ-centred education for children around the world. Join the mission!
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From Disrespect to Love: Thank You, Teacher June 18, 2019

This is the story of Ruthline and Gardison. Ruthline's teaching changed forever when she attended a training and learned how to serve her students better. Donate now at and give teachers like Ruthline the life-changing gift of…

You Did It: The Well Project June 17, 2019

Last year, we came together to choose a project for our annual school campaign – a project where all the fundraising efforts of Christian schools across Canada would be designated.The need for clean water at Zambian schools became clear after a…

From Anger to Honour: Thank You, Teacher May 10, 2019

Can you think of a teacher who changed your life? Who challenged you to be the best you could be? Who helped you to flourish in the classroom? Who inspired you to grow?Juan Daniel can name a teacher who has done this for him - Mr. Yan.Juan Daniel came to Los…

Story of Transformation: Martiza March 15, 2019

Martiza had one question for her parents: could she go with her brother to school? She asked time and time again but was told no – because Martiza has Mohebius Syndrome. With her physical limitations, no schools would open their doors to…

Story of Transformation: Edward March 4, 2019

Each year, CCAP – EduDeo's partner in Zambia – identifies orphans and vulnerable children who would benefit from additional financial support, as school fees are often a barrier to students furthering their education. Edward knows this barrier…

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Betson. I brought a flyer about two weeks ago for a…

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It's so awesome I love them

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Praying for your safe return tomorrow!

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