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The Meaning of ‘Biblical Worldview’ is Deepening Worldwide

The Meaning of ‘Biblical Worldview’ is Deepening Worldwide

By Emma Maki

EduDeo is rooted in the Bible. Our foundation is built on Christ-centred education, meaning the Gospel dictates every decision we make, with each partner we work with. Our international partners are well aware of this, and equally share a joy in the mission and vision. It may not look exactly the same in every country, but partners are finding deliberate ways to educate students with a worldview grounded in Jesus Christ.  

In most of the countries our partners serve in, religion is at the forefront of culture. Memorizing Scripture and praying at assemblies is not an odd practice for many schools around the world, whether they are categorised as a Christian school or not. Yet, for many of our partners, it seems widespread religious expression sometimes acts as a barrier to their schools being totally rooted in Christ. It is evident that educational leaders around the world are becoming increasingly eager to discover from one another, how to remain deeply rooted in the Word at their very core.  

Educators in Uganda - and around the world! - are eager to learn from one another as they work to advance Christ-centred education.

Collins (Education Secretary for CCAP Zambia*) had the opportunity to visit both Uganda and Canada several months ago—to teach and glean ideas from their educational routines. In Uganda, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that teachers were excited to expand their Christian school systems, and Collins was inspired to bring that enthusiasm back home with him. “[After travelling to Uganda] we are more confident now!” Recently, Collins visited John Knox High School in Oakville, Ontario. He was blessed to discover that the school was much more concerned about demonstrating spirit, rather than status. “The first thing that the principal mentioned was about the heart. He said not to look at what we have, but to look at the heart.”  

Joseph, (Executive Director of the Education Department for CCAP Livingstonia*), had the chance to visit John Knox as well. “In Malawi, sometimes we only think of God during our problems in life. You could see Christ coming out very clearly in these schools. The emphasis was on the human heart and not on the facilities. They look at the values of the school.” 

Joseph and his colleague Ndindase debrief after a visit to John Knox High School.


Bishop Franco (General Secretary, PAG Uganda*) also visited an Ontario high school, Kings Christian School. “One of the things that stood out for me is that there is evidence of people that understand Christ-centred teachings. You can see it not just with the principal, not just with the teaching staff, it's with everybody, including the students. It's manifested through their values—how they respect people, how they honour people. They are living out their Christianity in everything they do.” 

Further, a workshop held for teachers and leaders in Indonesia last August (2023)  in Indonesia confirmed Principal Yonson’s (Board Chair, Reformasi*) aim to instill a Biblical worldview at his school. Yonson now strives to create a school culture which is “heavenly,” meaning an environment where every aspect of the school is rooted in the Word of God. He even commented that their school motto is, “Soli Deo Gloria…Glory to God Alone!” 

Educators in Indonesia gather for a morning meeting before their workshop.

In fact, most of EduDeo's international partners participated in trainings and workshops over the last year, contextualized to their specific needs and environments. The attendees were often principals and school leaders and the aim was to equip key representatives to then train their teachers ans staff in a Biblical worldview. This contextualized training process is crucial for shaping a Christ-centred education worldwide.  

Ndindase (Deputy Executive Director of the Education Department, CCAP Livingstonia*) has seen great improvement in this area at her school, particularly after their Walking Together Training in Malawi. “[Before the training] there were sour relationships between our head teachers and church ministers in the community. Now after the teachings of EduDeo, the managers of schools wrote a report of what they had learned, and said that they need to make sure that the ministers and head teachers now work hand- in-hand.” 

Guillermo (Director of Leadership Development for Sinergia*, Dominican Republic) possesses a deep hope for “teachers to recognize their call.” And similarly, Nilda (Church & School Program Coordinator, The Nehemiah Center*) wishes for teachers at the schools she oversees in Nicaragua to become more equipped with “the necessary tools” to educate every child in God’s Word.  

Educators in Nicaragua are becoming equipped to teach from God's word!

Bishop Franco (General Secretary, PAG Uganda*) also believes that schools in Uganda need teachers who are adequately trained in a Biblical worldview. “We need to identify the school’s influencers so that we can impact others. How do we equip those people to do the work? We must provide direction. If we are going to transform a society, we need to begin from where the children are. So we identify the influencers and equip them to do the work.” 

It is evident that partners from all over the world are excited for growth in their schools—growth that is steadfast in Jesus Christ. A short story shared by leaders from Nicaragua is a perfect example of the transformation we are seeing around the globe.  

A young Nicaraguan woman named Louisa moved to a small farming community. Sadly, this particular town is known for its substantially high crime rates—sexual violence towards children goes unnoticed every day. Louisa’s heart longed to see change.  

Desperate to help, Louisa decided to try and reach the vulnerable kids in her community by organising a weekly Sunday School class. But activities quickly became difficult when she realised the children did not know how to read and write. Louisa’s heart ached even heavier. Still determined to make a substantial impact, she moved back to the city and studied to become a teacher.  

After four years of education, Louisa finally completed her degree. She again packed up and relocated to the little farming community and set up a Christian school. At first, locals scoffed at the facility, thinking that because Principal Louisa was so focused on Christian teachings, the children were not learning any real skills.  

Then, after a few years, students began graduating from the school with honours! Rumours of the school’s success began to spread and more children flooded the gates. Students learned how to read and write, and they learned about being a child of God. 

Now, the teachers at Loiusa’s school participate in training workshops with EduDeo and are continuing to raise up students in the Lord! The school is making a tremendous difference in the community. Children finally have a safe space where they feel loved and are encouraged to speak freely. How amazing it is to see this spirit-lead initiative impact in the lives of hundreds of Nicaraguan youth! 

*EduDeo Partner 


Emma Maki

Emma Maki is a friend of EduDeo Ministries, and a journalist living in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. In addition to her journalism work, she is now embracing the joys of new parenthood, cherishing every moment with her baby girl. Holding a degree in International Development and Communications, Emma has spearheaded projects across organizations and continents. She specializes in creative production, interviews, writing, and brand management, bringing a unique skill set to her work with nonprofits, NGOs, and charities.