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"Student Bursaries Have The Power To Transform Lives"

"Student Bursaries Have The Power To Transform Lives"

By EduDeo Ministries

Your support is making education accessible

Years ago, when Muwori’s parents could not afford her school fees, uniform, or basic supplies, she was on the brink of leaving school for good.

“I hated school,” she said. It felt like a punishment to attend. Her fellow students would tease her and teachers would send her home for not being in uniform.

She never believed she could finish school.

It was then that your love stepped in.

Because of your support, Muwori’s school fees were paid in full.

Above: Muwori is so grateful for the love and support she received - from the church, her school, and even you.

It was like a dream. Finally she was free from the fear of being ridiculed by her peers or sent home in shame because she couldn’t pay.

Muwori went on to finish school and now works as a police sergeant. She is a testament to the impact of a full Christ-centred education in a young life.

Muwori is so grateful for the overwhelming love and support she received—from the church, her school, and even you. Without it, she wouldn’t have been able to complete her schooling.

Alongside her husband, she is now raising their two sons and she has big dreams for their future. She knows that with Christ at the centre of their lives, they too can achieve big things.

This story comes from EduDeo's 2024 Spring Newsletter. You can read the full newsletter here!


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