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Future Leaders Who Fear the Lord

Future Leaders Who Fear the Lord


With your continued support, teachers can raise up students to love God and serve their neighbours.

Did you know? Indonesia is a country of 279 million people spread across over 77,000 islands! That’s a lot of ground to cover if you’re trying to reach teachers and leaders with workshops and trainings!

But Rev. Yonson, the chair of EduDeo’s partner Reformasi, isn’t worried about the numbers. In fact, he sees it as an opportunity for growth and blessing!

“The training we receive is such a blessing for our people, our teachers, our students, our school that we are thinking, ‘If we are expert on this, we would like to share with our neighbors.’ We would like to be a channel of blessing to others. So as soon as we get some training, we will collect some other teachers that are close to us, and then we can share it with them and they can also implement it at their schools.”

Students around the world are being raised up to love God and others because YOU are investing in their teachers.

But all this training, all these workshops, all this learning and growing… what is it really for? Even the multiplication through sharing with others: what’s the end goal for Reformasi?

“My deep hope is that each of our students will become a great future leader. That students will be leaders that fear the Lord and know the Lord, love the Lord, and serve the Lord with whatever gifts and talents and genius they have, and then serve others. I have real hope for our students using whatever they have for God's glory and serving others.”

What’s beautiful about Rev. Yonson’s hope for his students is that it’s not just Indonesia-specific. It’s like this around the world with each of EduDeo’s partners. 

They believe—and we believe---that training teachers to guide students with the Gospel will produce future leaders who fear the Lord. 

This story comes from EduDeo's 2024 Winter Newsletter. You can read the full newsletter here!