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In Service Together

In Service Together


Thank you for serving God and communities in Nicaragua!

Joel, a teacher in Nicaragua, has a dream for his students’ futures: “I see them as great Christians serving God.”

Did you know that when you gave your most generous gift… when you said a prayer for students… when you volunteered your time… when you wrote an encouraging note…

You were modelling that dream for Nicaraguan students. You showed them that all around the world, there are great Christians serving God.

You and thousands of others rallied around Nueva Jerusalén School to help build new classrooms.

Now, Nueva Jerusalén has room for 70 more students. That means in 10 years, 700 more children will have been raised up as agents of transformation all because of your generosity.

Joel has a thank you message for all you did, and we echo it. “I greatly thank you for everything you have done for our school. We love you in the Lord and I wish God would multiply everything you´ve done for us.”

With new classrooms, Nueva Jerusalén can now serve more students and continue being a model school in its community.

Thank you for loving Nueva Jerusalén and making new classrooms possible. The Covenant Co-Impact team from Edmonton, AB, got to see their own generosity and your love firsthand. Team members John & Jeanette said: "The appreciation from the school, the community and the local people and the hugs from the school children were unbelievable. Their dedication to Christian education is amazing and you see God at work in these communities. It was a heart-warming experience like no other.”

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