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An Introduction to The Global Education Summit 2023

An Introduction to The Global Education Summit 2023

By Emma Maki

13 countries, 14 partners, and one goal to see Christ-centred education bring transformation around the world.

The upcoming Global Education Summit—happening October 2 to 15—will be a place for EduDeo’s international partners to fellowship together, learn from one another, train together, and gain a more steadfast understanding of what it means to be an educator in God's world. One of the key ways in which EduDeo advances Christ-centred education is by investing in teachers. But it's not often educational leaders from all around the world are able to deepen their walk together, under the same roof!

Sheila Dykstra (Walking Together Co-Leader) and Uche Nweke (International Partnership Director) are playing primary roles in organizing the Summit. They explain that partners will participate in a series of organizational workshops, spend time in meaningful dialogue with mentors, hear from Canadian development agencies, and have the opportunity to visit and interact with Ontario Christian schools. In addition, many of the representatives will present their own contextualized successes to the group, so participants can be inspired to implement similar activities and educational strategies in their respective communities.

Above: The first Global Education Summit five years ago.

Representatives from places like Belize, Haiti, Uganda, Zambia, Indonesia and Nicaragua will connect, all bringing their own unique insights, hopes, and challenges to the discussion tables. One cultural aspect that is similar throughout the 13 countries, is they are all highly relational in nature. Interacting in one room will promote comfortable learning for everyone involved.

“Beyond just getting to know each other, we hope this will be a time to equip our partners with some of the skills they need to continue to support Christian education in their contexts.” Uche explains. “Leaving one's own context, and engaging with a new context, propels new imagining and growth.”  “We see this as very valuable for the development of those [global partner] organizations. ” Sheila adds.

In addition, conversations with local Canadian organizations will encourage partners to support education through other aspects of life. This will jumpstart relationships with organizations who are focused on inclusive education, or on improving access to education, allowing representatives to offer more holistic programming.

Sheila is adamant that, “For a nation to be transformed, change comes from the lives and hearts of children.'' This happens when those responsible for shaping young lives are equipped with ways to strengthen Christ-centred education in their context. The Global Education Summit will be the time and place to foster this growth.

When the event comes to an end, and the partners return to their home countries, the prayer and expectation is that the attendees will use all they have learned to influence the young generation and bring healthy development to their nations.

Uche shares a case that has been near to his heart since the time he joined the EduDeo team. “We have a partner that we've been in relationship with for over 10 years, and they have 8 schools. We are hoping that after this summit, and their interaction with other countries, they will look for ways to invite more schools into what they are doing, find opportunities to partner with other groups of schools, and advance Christ-centred education in their own context.”

Sheila concludes with a heartfelt reflection about why an event like this is so crucial. “I see the power that education has to be able to bring about transformation—not just any education, but a Christ-centred one that is focused on building character, seeking justice, and building community.”

The Global Education Summit will truly be a celebration of all God has done and an inspiration to continue towards the goal to make Christ-centred education accessible for young hearts everywhere. We urge you to pray that this event will act as a catalyst for growth and transformation in communities, and that children all around the world deepen their relationship with the Saviour because of it.

If you are interested in learning more about the event, please reach out to [email protected]. We want to see new relationships form, global partnerships expand, and God’s Kingdom be built up!


Emma Maki

Emma Maki is a friend of EduDeo Ministries, and a journalist living in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. In addition to her journalism work, she is now embracing the joys of new parenthood, cherishing every moment with her baby girl. Holding a degree in International Development and Communications, Emma has spearheaded projects across organizations and continents. She specializes in creative production, interviews, writing, and brand management, bringing a unique skill set to her work with nonprofits, NGOs, and charities.