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From Your Heart to His

All the way from a small village in rural Zambia, Gibson has a message for you:

“I am writing to you in order to warmly appreciate the support which you have given me through CCAP [EduDeo’s partner in Zambia]. I was so delighted... This was a great and amazing moment in my life. The help given to me has positively changed my life.”

"I was so delighted... This was a great and amazing moment in my life."

You see, Gibson’s family couldn’t afford school anymore. He had to drop out for a couple semesters. But then, you showed your love in a tangible way. You gave a gift so Gibson and his peers could go to school. It meant the world to him. Just listen:

“This gives hope to the hopeless child like me and provides hope for a better tomorrow.”

A better tomorrow to help others like himself. That’s what Gibson wants to do with his future: he wants to be a role model for others. He wants to make sure no more kids have to go without an education and a better future.

Thank you for doing a small thing for Gibson. It grew to be a big display of love to kids all across Zambia!

Students at Gibson's school now have him for a role model. They'll learn from his example to help others who struggle.