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Teacher, Disciple, Love-Multiplier

Teacher, Disciple, Love-Multiplier


You have love in your heart. You have a passion to teach. But... you just don’t know how to express them. You’re missing some tools and techniques.

Not anymore for Belkis, a teacher in the Dominican Republic. She recently attended a workshop all about how to put herself and her students in God’s big story. How to equip her students as agents of transformation. And what was the result?

“This training… has been a great blessing for my life, and for my team, and other members of my educational community and even for my church.”

Can you believe it? When you supported teacher training, you were helping Belkis multiply her love and learning.

"This training has been a great blessing for my life.”

Thank you for showing Belkis God’s love. Now, thanks to that love, she says: “I know my role better in the history of God’s world. My work has taken a turn that directs me to respond as a disciple of Jesus.”

Belkis always had a reason to smile. Now, it carries on because she has your support for her teaching career.