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Best. Gift. Ever.

Best. Gift. Ever.


It’s easy to guess Natasha’s favourite book. She’s a student, so she reads lots of different books.

But her favourite is the best gift she’s ever received. It helps her at school. She can turn to it when she needs help.

Can you guess it? It’s her Bible, of course! “

This gift has been a huge blessing to me in my life,” says Natasha. And that’s thanks to you! you were really giving students like Natasha the best gift ever.

“Sometimes I feel weak and lonely, but when I get the Bible and read, I know my God is able to help me when I am in need.”

Natasha, a student in Zambia, with her new bible.

Those are some really powerful impacts of just one gift. We hope you know what you did for Natasha and her peers. And even what you did for their entire community.

“My Bible has made me realize that life is not all about me but also about others. I would like to start donating things and start work because I know there are a lot of people who need my help. I believe that the Bible will help me realize this dream.”

Can you believe it? You’re helping young women and men learn dreams of living as Christ lived. You’re impacting entire communities with just one Bible.

That’s really the best kind of gift that keeps on giving.