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A Smile For You

Yeral’s young life hasn’t been easy. He lives in the Dominican Republic with his grandmother. But her health isn’t always great and she can’t always afford their expenses. (Yeral says that makes him sad).

He hasn’t always had an easy time at school either. At his last school, the other kids would often mock him and call him names because of his physical disability.

But not anymore. Now, Yeral’s happy.

“He tells us that he loves his school." -Yeral’s teacher

Yeral, a student in the Dominican Republic, and his teacher

Why? Because thanks to a student bursary (that you generously supported), Yeral now goes to Nueva Creacion de Fe School. His teachers say that “he tells us that he loves his school.”

He has friends who respect him and treat him well. They help him when he needs it. That includes you. You stepped up for Yeral and other students in the Dominican Republic. You’re a friend who helps make Yeral happy.

Now, Yeral gets to study his favourite subject (math) while also learning God’s plan for his life. He wants to be a police officer to protect his community.

Yeral’s grandmother says she “thanks God a lot.” And we thank you, too. Thank you for answering God’s call to take care of His children.