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Love Travels Further

Love Travels Further


Doreen lives 23 kilometres from school.

If she wanted to go to school, she’d have to walk the 23 kilometres. Every day. Both ways.

That’s like walking from Edmonton to Fort Saskatchewan. Or from Surrey to Burnaby and then back again. Or from the EduDeo office to Binbrook.

It would take you around 4-5 hours. But if you have to walk that distance to school, as Doreen says, “It would have been difficult or almost impossible for me to always go to and from school on a daily basis.”

But thanks to you, Doreen doesn’t have to face the long, often dangerous, and pretty much impossible walk to school. She gets to live in the dorms with her friends - it’s those friends she mentions as an important part of her dorm experience.

Together, Doreen and her friends can focus on their studies, access safe washroom facilities to take care of their health, and support each other when they need help. They don’t have to be afraid of futures filled with dropping out of school, early marriage, adolescent pregnancy, and fewer job options. As Doreen says, “I always consult my friends when I need help.”

Did you know that when you supported schools last year, you were actually supporting Doreen and her friends? Because supporting schools is always bigger than just a building. Your generosity ensured schools in Zambia could build dorms and washrooms for their girl students.

Now, those students are looking at a brighter future. For Doreen, she dreams of becoming a doctor to care for the elderly. All because she doesn’t have to travel the 23 kilometres - because your love travelled further.


Calvin Wiekse, and his Grade 12 students at Guido de Bres Christian High School in Hamilton, ON, put their passion and creativity together to support girls’ education in Zambia in 2022.

“My students ran a travelling toilet campaign which used a toilet prop and marketing campaign to raise awareness and funds. The campaign helped the whole school gain awareness and empathy for their peers around the globe. The students were blown away by the positive response of the school and the community. They found great satisfaction in the knowledge that their classwork will not only receive a grade, but will help both boys and girls access quality, Christ-centred education so they can pass on the effects of this education to improve their family, community, and country for generations to come!”