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"I Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart."

"I Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart."

By EduDeo Ministries

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Your love and compassion for children translated to practical support this year. For three students in particular, it meant the world. You helped Fikir, Tinsae, and Santana stay in school.

Life wasn’t easy for Fikir and Tinsae in Ethiopia. Their mother and father always worked hard to show them love, pay for their school, and put food on the table. But their father struggled with mental illness, and no matter how hard their mother worked, it wasn’t always enough. Their community church was able to cover their tuition expenses, but not always their school supplies and meals.

Santana and her family faced many challenges in Haiti too. Last year, they lost everything in a house fire — including one of Santana’s siblings. Sandra, Santana’s mother, worked hard to save up for tuition, but the fire put an end to all of that. She didn’t know what the future held anymore. On top of everything else, now she didn’t know how her daughter would receive an education.

But now the future is different for Santana, Fikir, Tinsae, and their families. You stepped up and showed how much you cherish them. You may not have known it at the time, but your care did great things. Over and over again, you were there for Santana, Fikir, and Tinsae in deep and meaningful ways.

Your care joined the care of schools in Ethiopia and Haiti, and Santana, Fikir, and Tinsae were selected as recipients of bursaries. Now, their families don’t need to worry about their children’s education. You’ve got it covered.

This is Santana’s mother’s personal message to you: “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you are giving to my daughter. Only God can reward you.”

Fikir and Tinsae have just a few words to say too: “Thanks to God, and may God bless you.”

We echo their words: Thank you for bringing joy to Santana, Fikir, Tinsae, and other children around the world this year.


In Spring 2022, men and women across Canada participated in EduDeo GO to raise money for student tuition bursaries in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Burkina Faso. Becky from Edmonton, AB, walked 101kms over 30 days. “There are many reasons why this organization is close to my heart. Christian education is so important in supporting and encouraging our students in their walk with Christ. The thought of walking more regularly [for EduDeo GO] excited me and terrified me. However, once I started I really looked forward to the walks and used this time to pray for the students in my own classroom and Christian school students and teachers worldwide. I found some new neighbourhoods, got lots of exercise and loved supporting such an amazing cause.”


EduDeo Ministries
EduDeo Ministries believes education rooted in the Gospel is the best way to bring about whole-life transformation for children and their communities. We exist to advance Christ-centred education for children in the majority world.