Day 4

Yo. Here in the hot and humid climate of Nicaragua are your hosts for tonight: Leila deHaan and Elizabeth Worsley-Brown.

We will be leading you through every juicy detail of day 4 in the beautiful country of Nicaragua.

We woke up bright and early to the blaring music of Koen's speaker playing the iconic "Circle of Life" from The Lion King. We then met in the common area to partake in the splendid breakfast of freshly cut fruit, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and rice and beans.

After the quick debrief of the day, we headed out in our air-conditioned bus towards the joy-filled school of Centro de Fe, our sister school.

There, we met together with the seniors of the school to share a quick devotional time including prayer, worship, and the reciting of Bible verses. Following that, we split into three separate groups and conquered the elementary school. We dedicated our morning to connecting with the younger Nicaraguan students and introduced them to common Canadian culture through a series of crafts and book reading. Our book went through the English alphabet while educating the students about well-known Canadian hobbies, foods, and landmarks. The craft component of our day consisted of the children colouring (Grammarly tried to change my spelling from colouring to coloring but ya know, we live in Canada) in common Canadian animals and pasting them on paper bags. These two events took place in ever so slightly suffocatingly hot classrooms from grades 1-6.

Henceforth (Leila keeps trying to add fancy words that I don't know how to spell), we then began to fellowship with our sister-students in the sharing of testimonies. We had some of our leaders from both the Abbotsford and Nicaragua schools share their stories along with a few of the students. This moment of vulnerability was incredibly valuable and allowed the students and leaders to reflect on their own lives.

Then we had lunch.

(There weren't no beans this time).

After lunch, we then separated once again into four groups that each visited two of the Centro de Fe-ian students. During these visits, our eyes were opened to what a typical hospitality-filled home is like. We were once again reminded of how giving (lots of soda was consumed) and welcoming the families of Nicaragua can be.

We then parted ways.

Our team then ventured into the tourist market that was 5 minutes away from the school. We were given 45 minutes to collect various items of our choosing and surprisingly, none of us got lost.

Our team is normally very strict with deadlines (and by our team, I mean Koenradical), but this was a very momentous occasion, a once-in-a-lifetime scenario, where Koenraad... WAS. LATE.

(FYI, we don't mean two minutes late, three minutes late, or even five minutes late. It was a solid ONE ZERO. We were sitting in the bus WORRIED SICK (Kind of)).


After that, we just headed back to the Nehemiah Centre (also Canadian spelling) and simply lounged for an hour or so. Some played spike ball, some napped in hammocks (*ehem* Jayden), and others journaled about their day.

To conclude our day, we had dinner (which included several lame sarcastic comments from Elizabeth), group devotions, and rehearsed for our talent show that will commence on Thursday, March the 23rd.

Overall, this was a very soul-lifting day.

Thank you for reading and please tune in tomorrow for another (slightly less exciting as this one) update.



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