Day 5- Peeling


This is the blog post for Monday- we didn’t have WIFI last night so we couldn’t post it sooner!


Today we woke up refreshed and ready for another day of work. After breakfast, we went back to Renacer to continue painting the classrooms.


We finished painting five rooms and a hallway. We began painting the hallway and then realized half the walls needed to be peeled, so we had to restart it all over. This took over the major part of the day. It was quite an appealing job ;)


We took a nice long break for lunch, where the pastor who has been helping us out and Anna battled it out on the basketball court. The pastor won but only by one point, because he was fouling her. Also at lunch we had to the opportunity to spend time with the kids, they were all very excited to see us and wanted to take pictures with us. Some of the teachers got into it too.


Some of the Dominican kids asked the girls if they had boyfriends. Those that did showed them pictures and the Dominican girls showed their ‘boyfriend’ who was Dustin.


After lunch we continued to paint and scrape the walls. Before we knew it, it was time to go back to camp. We had to shower and get ready quickly because the principal of Renacer invited us to her house. The food was incredible and we had a good time socializing with each other through translation.


On the car ride home, we discovered that we could play our own music in the van. A lot of us were jamming out and having a great time when suddenly the driver put on his own Spanish music, which sounded a little like veggie tales.


When we got back home, some went to bed, others played games. Braelyn had a little too much coffee and was bouncing off the walls, entertaining us all.


Overall, our day was very exhausting but rewarding. We thank God for the time we get to spend with the kids and the people around us, and we thank God for all of your support.


God bless.



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