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Hi! My name is Claudia, I’m the third oldest of 8 children. Our last name is technically den Toom, but we are known by many as the ‘ten’ Toom’s. We where a family of 8 for eight years and then we got happily surprised by Annalynn, we couldn’t let her get spoiled so little Josiah was added to the family! Making our total family number 10! I live on a farm, between Granum and Nobleford. It’s a very different farm from any in the area, as we try to do a number of different things, cow calf, pigs, fish, and starting a greenhouse! Yes I did say fish, an endeavor we started about 8 years ago, raising fish in the middle of the prairies. This is where I’m currently employed, and keeping busy. I really enjoy being outdoors, horseback riding, working with youth, hiking, and spending time with family. We’re exceptionally close; I was homeschooled, so my siblings were my classmates, when you spend all day every day with them you have to learn to get along. I graduated in 2014 with my Alberta Diploma. Going on this trip I think it is a wonderful way to make a small difference in such a broken world. I love working with my hands, what better way than making a difference in people’s lives, and sharing the love of Jesus. Coming along side people who have so much less, but yet are thankful and have true joy in the Lord, will be greatly encouraging. I’m sure it will be an eye opening experience, and an exciting opportunity to see personally the impact that Christ-centered education makes. In our fast-paced world where everything needs to be done right away, it is very easy to get caught up in the business of it all, forgetting the most important one Jesus Christ. I think it will be a huge reminder, of how blessed we are in Canada!
Feb 20, 2017 at 11:04 am

Hi Claudia,

What an experience to be able to do this , hope that you and the rest of HOPE 4 are having a great time.

It must be awesome to Serve the Lord in this capacity, besides getting blisters and working in such heat.

Our Valentine's Day Dinner was a great success , all our GEMS were able to come and help serve.

We will keep you and the team in our thoughts and prayers.

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