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Global Education
Summit 2023

Growing a Global Movement

The Global Education Summit is a multi-week conference aimed at emboldening and equipping the global Christ-centred education movement. This October, EduDeo international partner leaders, friends, and supporters will gather together to foster community, build capacity, and hold celebrations.

Why a Summit?



We were created to be together. Whether partners, organizations, staff, friends, or supporters, we're better when we're together. The Summit will be a place to create new relationships, invest in existing ones, and build up our global community in Christ.



Growth starts at the top with a leader. Leaders & educators from EduDeo's 13 partners will participate in workshops, mentoring, and presentations to grow their existing skills and be equipped for greater impact.



God is alive around the world! The Summit will be a place to celebrate what God is doing through Christ-centred education everywhere. From sharing personal testimonies to showing impact to highlighting growth, celebration will be integrated into all parts of the Summit.

What impact will the Summit have?

Listen to one former participant’s testimony.

Who Will Participate?


At the heart of the Summit are EduDeo's international partners. Coming from 13 countries, these men and women excel at what they do in their local contexts. Attending the Summit will help them continue to grow, learn, be together, and celebrate each other.


Christ-centred education is a global movement that continues to grow. The Summit will welcome international development & education non-profits working in the same sector as us. EduDeo partners will have the opportunity to meet more organizations and expand their reach.


Friends, supporters, volunteers - we can't do this without you. The Summit will welcome and celebrate the men and women across Canada who pour their love and generosity into EduDeo & its partners. No matter how long you've been with us, you're part of the Summit's community.

Learning Topics

EduDeo is all about investing in leaders for greater impact. We believe when leaders and teachers have the skills, tools, and knowledge they need, education flourishes. Throughout the Summit, international partners will participate in workshops, roundtables, panel discussions, and field studies. There, they'll dig into topics like financial sustainability, skills training, service outside the classroom, pedagogical design, and much more. Participants will have the opportunity to present their strengths, learn from others, and gain new approaches and perspectives.


It's not just about these two weeks - it's about having impact for years to come. The Summit is just a jumping off point for this global movement we call Christ-centred education.

Think of it in this small way: 1 Summit participant learns a new way to lead with God's love. They travel back home and train 30 of their fellow teachers. Those 30 teachers each lead about 30-50 students each year. The teachers lead with God's love and show their students how to live as Christ.

That's 1,500 students' lives touched, just because 1 teacher attended the Summit. That's our vision for long-term impact.

"For me, partnering has meant the cooperation of Christian educators in other parts of the world who have been able to lead change. This means for me that is possible to fill the gap and create a change of mindset. I am not alone in leading this change in Guatemala and in the organization I belong, but I am in the company of professionals with the same heart for Christian education."

– Ruth, leader, Guatemala

"Personally, for me the partnership with EduDeo has been a continuous learning journey. I have seen modelled what it means to walk along those under your care. It has been modelled to me what it means to encourage other, yet graciously challenge other to own to their calling. Growth comes over time by providing the needed resources and support; this is what has been EduDeo’s partnership for my leadership. I have seen modelled what it means to build a partnership and community of/with trust, yet very accountable. I have been given the time to personally uncover and continue to develop by gifts within a partnership that values relationships, trust, empowerment and the potential of each individual."

– Alvaro, leader, Belize

"Most of my work wouldn't be possible without EduDeo's help. EduDeo is the instrument God uses to sustain my work of accompanying, encouraging, and training school leaders so that they can respond to their call as a servant leader. God has used EduDeo during these years to bless my mind, heart, and hands. I have been transformed into my ability to love God, love, and serve what surrounds me in a way that honors God."

– Guillermo, leader, Dominican Republic

"Partnering with EduDeo has meant a lot for CCAP schools. It has helped us redefine what being a Christian school is. More schools are aware what it means to be a Christian school today than how it has been before the partnership with EduDeo. Partnering with EduDeo for me also means having a friend whom I can share our story and challenges with."

– Rev. Nehemia, leader, Zambia