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Youth Summit 2023

Kickstarting Change, Together

Are you a student in Canada who is interested in community transformation happening around the world? Do you want to make new friends to learn, grow, and have fun together? Do you have an idea or plan for local change but don't know where to start?

EduDeo's Youth Summit 2023 is the event for you!

Summit Details



8 students from across Canada in Grade 11 or 12 in the 2023/2024 academic year will be selected. Read more below for the qualifications and requirements for application.


Where & When

The Summit will happen October 11-13, 2023 in Hamilton, ON. The Youth Summit will take place during the final days of EduDeo's Global Education Summit.


How Much

If selected, you're required to pay $150. This event is being generously subsidized by our friends at Abbotsford Christian School, so we'll cover all other costs.



You'll get to participate in workshops and learning events tailored to you! Whether you're working on personal action plans, being equipped in leadership, or learning about community development, this time will be unique to you.



These 3 days give you an opportunity to make friends from all across Canada - and beyond! Whether getting to know your fellow Summit participants or meeting with EduDeo's international partners, you'll walk away with so many connections.



No matter where you live in Canada, we'll cover the costs for you to travel to Hamilton, ON for the Summit. Whether you're stepping outside your hometown or province for the first or tenth time, we want you to come visit us!

Who Can Apply?

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You're passionate about EduDeo’s vision and mission, demonstrate interest in leadership and international development, and involved in community engagement. You're also highly motivated, a good communicator, willing to give and accept feedback, and eager to gain skills and insight about how to expand your influence.

Join a Team


You must be a student who resides in Canada in Grade 11 or 12 in the 2023/2024 academic year. If selected, you're required to pay $150 (but EduDeo will cover all other costs). This is a learning event, so you have to come prepared with an action plan for community engagement. At the Summit, you'll work with us & other participants to develop that action plan.

Follow Along


Please apply by completing the form by April 28, 2023. You'll be asked a series of questions so we can get to know you better and see if you're the right fit for the conference. You'll also be asked to provide a letter of reference from a teacher or leader in your community.

Apply Now

"Most of my work wouldn't be possible without EduDeo's help. EduDeo is the instrument God uses to sustain my work of accompanying, encouraging, and training school leaders so that they can respond to their call as a servant leader. God has used EduDeo during these years to bless my mind, heart, and hands. I have been transformed into my ability to love God, love, and serve what surrounds me in a way that honors God."

– Guillermo, leader, Dominican Republic

"We appreciate very much that EduDeo shares our mission and is constantly present by our side, despite the difficult moments. The partnership with EduDeo allows us to achieve our goals, helping us to train qualified teachers capable of providing quality education to students. Through this partnership I also realized that, in opposition to many other organizations, we do have a vision to impact this world for the glory of God. This partnership is a constant reminder to me to always seek the glory of God in all of our projects, no matter how positive they may be for the community. Always put God's glory first."

– Louisenette, leader, Haiti

"It is a great opportunity for EEUC to have a partner like EduDeo which invests in leaders and teachers so that EEUC educators learn how to teach Christianly and promote Christ-centered education through-lines. Personally, I feel privileged to be able to walk alongside EduDeo in this great journey of community-transforming mission. So, this partnership helped me to deliver my passion through platforms and programs that EduDeo created."

– Mitiku, leader, Ethiopia

"Personally, for me the partnership with EduDeo has been a continuous learning journey. I have seen modelled what it means to walk along those under your care. It has been modelled to me what it means to encourage other, yet graciously challenge other to own to their calling. Growth comes over time by providing the needed resources and support; this is what has been EduDeo’s partnership for my leadership. I have seen modelled what it means to build a partnership and community of/with trust, yet very accountable. I have been given the time to personally uncover and continue to develop by gifts within a partnership that values relationships, trust, empowerment and the potential of each individual."

– Alvaro, leader, Belize

"For me, partnering has meant the cooperation of Christian educators in other parts of the world who have been able to lead change. This means for me that is possible to fill the gap and create a change of mindset. I am not alone in leading this change in Guatemala and in the organization I belong, but I am in the company of professionals with the same heart for Christian education."

– Ruth, leader, Guatemala

"Partnering with EduDeo has meant a lot for CCAP schools. It has helped us redefine what being a Christian school is. More schools are aware what it means to be a Christian school today than how it has been before the partnership with EduDeo. Partnering with EduDeo for me also means having a friend whom I can share our story and challenges with."

– Rev. Nehemia, leader, Zambia