Providing 8 schools in Zambia with clean water for LIFE


In January 2018, Zambia experienced a cholera outbreak – a disease that hides in water – significantly impacting communities for months.

Children fell ill – schools were closed – students missed critical education. The need for clean water for students, teachers and their families is great. Clean and safe drinking water protects teachers and students from being vulnerable to these water-borne diseases.

We in Canada often take our water for granted, but this outbreak makes it clear how much clean water is needed in Zambia.

That’s why we’re asking YOU – students + classrooms across Canada to join us in raising funds for 8 schools in Zambia to dig wells – ensuring students and their communities have access to clean water.

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Our Goal: $40,000 for 8 Wells in Zambia

How can Canadian Schools get involved?

Students running.

1 Learn More

Download our resource pages so students can learn more about Zambia + the water issues the country faces.

Students at a Zambian school, running.

2 Do a Water Run

Challenge students at your school to walk or run 6 kms – the average distance it takes for a student in Zambia to reach water.

3 Get Creative

Come up with your own creative way to fundraise for wells in Zambia. Tape your teacher to the wall - donate a $1 / each use of the school fountain - hold a coin carnival. We know you have great ideas, and we’d love to see them in action!

Adults stand with water containers at the well.

4 Travel to Zambia

Are you a current school teacher? Join us on a trip to Zambia in July 2019 to discover and learn from Zambian teachers. See for yourself the impact a Christ-centered education has on a student in Zambia. Learn more

A Story of
Hoya Basic School

Hoya Basic School began in 2003, and by 2011, served almost 700 students - ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 12 - with a Christ-centered education. While their physical building needed major repairs and updates, there was one major need the community wanted met: clean drinking water close to the school.

The drinking point near the school normally dried up during the summer months, leaving students and teachers to walk long distances to reach the closest water point. After these long walks, students and teachers would end up tired and late for lessons.

Without knowing where the money would come from for the well, the community began to pull together bricks, river sand, and building sand, with faith that the Lord would provide the money to have a drilling rig come in to drill a proper well. The prayer was answered, the well was dug, and the Hoya Basic School was able to drill a lined well with a single hand pump on their campus.

Today, Hoya Day School has over 921 students – and this well, dug in 2011, is the only reliable water source for the school campus and the surrounding community.

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