Apply to get involved in a Walking Together Project

In Canada, Christian schools and educators are blessed to have had more than 50 years to delve into what it means to incorporate a biblical worldview into all aspects of education. Now we have an exciting opportunity to share our experiences with others through the Walking Together program.

EduDeo Ministries is connected to networks of key people and organizations around the world, and we are responding to specific training requests from Christian educators around the world.

To accomplish this, involvement in any given area must be collaborative, consistent and long-lasting. The goal of the program is to assist our partners in developing their own sustainable networks of quality Christian educators, continually improving their level of teaching and permeating every aspect with biblical perspectives!

Seeking Learning Leaders

EduDeo Ministries is seeking experienced educators to assist in voluntary capacities with educator professional development efforts in developing countries. If you are a Canadian, Christian educator, and you are interested in finding out how you can be involved, please read the role description and qualifications needed below and fill out the Educator Profile Form at right.

role description 

Learning Leaders will be asked to learn and teach alongside Christian educators, mainly those who have stepped forward to become teacher training leaders themselves. 

Learning Leaders should:

  • have demonstrated ability to implement teaching approaches based on a biblical worldview;
  • be willing to work together with teacher colleagues in another country who often teach in challenging circumstances (e.g., lack of facilities or resources, large class sizes, etc.);
  • be willing to participate in training for cross-cultural mentorship involvement;
  • be accountable to EduDeo Ministries and abide by EduDeo Ministries' policies, processes and procedures for Walking Together initiatives.


Walking Together Learning Leaders should have most, if not all, of the following qualifications:

  • At least 10 years of experience in Christian schools as teachers or leaders;
  • Ability to articulate (write) a Christian philosophy of education based on a biblically transformational perspective;
  • Completed course work or training that has equipped them with a Christian perspective which shapes their curriculum and classroom practice;
  • Demonstrated innovative and effective teaching/learning practices that implement a Christian philosophy of education;
  • Led workshops or courses which have demonstrated their insights in Christian schooling or have participated in curriculum projects;
  • Received recognition by their colleagues as competent Christian school teachers or leaders;
  • Recommended by their principal or school leader;
  • Demonstrated appreciation of the interests and needs of Christian teachers and school leaders in developing nations;
  • Cultural awareness and how different cultures shape different practices and educational approaches;
  • Demonstrated a desire to continue to learn to improve their own teaching and/or leadership practices.