About this Project

Thirty-two teachers, principals and pastors attended a week-long seminar in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, June 29 – July 3, 2015. The seminar, “Perspectives Bibliques pour la Developpement Professionel des Professeurs” (Biblical perspectives for the Professional Development of Teachers) engaged participants in exploring and discussing principles that guide their work as leaders and teachers.

Participants engaged in a series of presentations and small group dialogue. Themes included:

  • The Bible and education and the Overarching Story of the Bible
  • Major Biblical Themes for Christ-centred education: creation, fall, redemption, restoration.
  • What Does it Mean to Be Human? Four Key Relationships
  • What Does it Mean to Learn? and Components of Christian teaching
  • What is Reality? Why Are We on Earth? Biblical Principles of Creation
  • Teaching and Learning in God’s world
  • How Do We Come to Know? How Do People Learn? Biblical Principles for Knowledge

Each of the above themes explored implications for learning and teaching. For their Learning Task, participants selected a topic from the Haitian Curriculum and worked in small groups to develop a teaching plan that gave specific attention to incorporating biblical perspectives. On Friday, participants presented an outline of their plan and received feedback from the whole class.

Throughout the week, participants experienced and developed teaching strategies and activities that they, in turn, can implement in the Christian schools connected with CRECH – the Consortium Pour Le Renforcement De L’Education Chretienne en Haiti (Consortium for Strengthening Christian Education in Haiti).

Participant Reflections:

  • In my area, I will organize a training session to help some people to become aware of their condition, in the end they incorporate a powerful God in everything they will do.
  • I hope to organize meetings to educate teachers to become aware of teaching by integrating the Bible in order to influence people in a community so that there is a change in behavior.
  • I can use for each subject an outline of key points: why study it? why teach the content? what does that subject reveal about God and creation?
  • I am an instructor, professor and pastor so my main activity is teaching. In this sense, I will do my best to attract the attention of my students on the relationship of my classes with biblical themes and I will also show the importance of transforming knowledge into wisdom.
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