About this Project

The purpose of the project was leadership training for head masters and deputy heads of 13 CCAP schools. The goal: To understand the leadership dimensions and begin using a plan to effectively lead a Christian school community. In essence, to review, understand, use and a Biblical Worldview - the vision behind Teaching for Transformation - in teaching practice within Christian Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Zambian Church Schools, examine the need for Teaching for Transformation instructional leadership, and develop a Teaching for Transformation action (implementation plan).

While all CCAP schools were in attendance, there were 10 brand new participants that were not familiar with Teaching for Transformation and the vision behind it. In all there were 31 in attendance including the CCAP Leadership Team (Boniface Mumba, Florence, Joshua, Kuffer, Reverend Nehemiah).

Participants were introduced to Leadership: what leadership actually is, and how it can be applied to the role of a CCAP Christian School Headmaster. The group worked on a shared understanding of leadership and studied each leadership dimension in depth. They were asked to consider if these worked for CCAP schools. They responded with a unanimous “yes”.  Participants were also introduced to communities of grace and restorative practice. They considered how this could be applied to their situation.

A field trip was taken to schools close by to observe Teaching for Transformation in action. The vision behind Teaching for Transformation was introduced by Boniface Mumba and the monitoring tool used for this program. A debriefing session was held. Participants also used a “five minute personality test” to help participants determine their leadership strengths. Leaders developed both a leadership plan and a Teaching for Transformation action plan which was presented to the group on the last day for the workshop.

All of the activities also used a number of different pedagogies for learning (e.g. gallery walks, inside-outside circles, turn and talk, reading articles, journal writing, field trip, etc.).

After meeting with the CCAP Leadership team to debrief the project, and observing the workshop evaluation forms, the workshop was considered a strong success.  Some highlights included:

  • The school trip to watch a Teaching for Transformation lesson. This not only was good to see Teaching for Transformation in action, but also for leaders to see another school and what was going on there.
  • The group presentations of the Leadership dimensions. They prepared some pretty amazing posters with some great symbols. The participants also really enjoyed the “leadership gifts” tests presented to them. The idea of having “diversity” on a leadership team was seen as helpful and perhaps even more effective.
  • The community building that happened with the group. By day 2 there was a considerable level of trust among the participants.
  • The review of Teaching for Transformation as lead by Boniface Mumba.  Also, CCAP schools that were better versed in TfT did a great job of teaching the newcomers about their TfT action plans. This resulted in excellent development of both leadership implementation and Teaching for Transformation action plans.
  • The verbalizing of participants’ commitment to trying the restorative justice (Communities of Grace) approach.
  • The CCAP leadership team took on the role of chairing the events of the day and facilitating some of the sessions.
  • At the end of the week, the participants confirmed that their expectations had been met.
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