About this Project

PURPOSE AND GOALS- This project was a continuation of EduDeo’s partnership with Christian Horizons-Global to explore and integrate biblical perspectives in teaching and learning with Christian educators in Ethiopia. This particular introductory course included Ethiopian teachers from approx. 25 newly emerging Christian schools, who had not previously been introduced to Christian Worldview training.

PARTICIPANTS- The roles of the 26 participants ranged from teacher to principal to program heads to managers to coordinators to pastors, representing about 25 emerging Christian schools. Four of the participants had teaching certificates, eight held teaching diplomas, ten had B.A. degrees, and four had a master’s or similar degree - a stimulating, vibrant, educated group.

COURSE TOPICS included discussions on worldviews: What are they? What is a Christian worldview? What is dualism? Delving into Christ-centred worldview: how do we see the whole picture of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Renewal in our teaching? How do we see the whole Bible as God’s story to us? Then focusing particularly on educating children: What is the Christian view of the student? What is the Christian view of the teacher and their work (calling)? What is teaching “Christianly”? What principles do we use to teach for transformation? How does this apply to different learning styles?

The participants were eager to learn. Once they understood the idea of a worldview and began to understand that it is their worldview that affects all aspects of their lives - that it shapes and directs their teaching: that the Bible and Jesus Christ have something to say about their work, their students, their program - they genuinely started to open up, feel free and get excited about sharing and scrutinizing their basic beliefs about life and their calling. On the topic of dualism, seeing that everything is kingdom work, rather than just one’s “church work” was a new concept for many, and a lively discussion ensued which provided real insight. For one pastor, this concept was threatening at first because he was afraid he wouldn’t have enough volunteers in his church if people didn’t see that only church work was “holy and unto God”. For others it was relief, a comfort, a “wow” moment that everything they did was unto God. At their request, this discussion continued the next day during which one teacher expressed how a burden had been lifted from her.

Realizing that each person has worth because they are created in God’s image, to reflect Him, seemed to be something they knew intellectually or biblically but had never considered for their everyday classrooms and schools.

The Through-Lines were very helpful here. Helping the educators to see that all students are gifted in one way or another - multiple intelligences - was exciting to see. Science experiments provided practical examples that God’s created laws are everywhere.

Some very good thought-provoking discussions took place - the seed has been planted! We are truly grateful and encouraged by the comments on the participants’ Feedback Forms indicating that they had caught on to some of the concepts and goals of this Worldview training course, even to the point where they are hopeful that it will affect/change their teaching methods. The time for the training seemed to be too short, but Enoka Dumo (National Director of CH Global-S.Sudan)’s words remind us:

“This is God’s work, not ours.”

The participants were left with many substantial handouts which will serve as good reinforcement of the topics covered, and participants also received copies of Walking with God in the Classroom and The True Story of the Whole World which will also be very beneficial for use in follow-up courses.  We rest these education leaders in God’s hands, and pray for their continued growth – to be able to impact many young hearts with Christ-centred education.


This project was a result of partnership between EduDeo Ministries and CH Global.  CH Global has long standing relationships in Ethiopia, and their long term goal is to work with one of the multiple Christian Higher Education institutions to provide programs that focus on Christian education.

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