About this Project

Sometimes we have to take stock of our situation.  A little like a day of reckoning, let’s say.

So we gather together, lay out some ground rules (be kind, be honest, listen lots, dream), and make enough time for everyone to have their say.  And lots of coffee, good snacks, savory meals and time to take it all in.

We begin. We work through the stages of strategic planning:

What has happened well? The stories come easily, spiced with pride and laughter.

What needs to happen now?  The conversation hesitates. Then barely disguised complaints are framed in forced politeness. Soon pent-up frustrations flow freely. But tentative new possibilities are offered. 

Why does this need to happen? More stories of what is and what shouldn’t be. And the undercurrent to all the conversation is a deep desire for a better way doing things, a deep hope that current structures and practices can be repaired or transformed, and an insistent expectation that what we are about, is actually what we do here.

Who needs to make it happen?  (As if we don’t already have enough to do!) But many hands make light work. We agree to put our muscles where our mouths were.

How does it need to be done?  We know each other’s strengths; each other’s personality colours; each other’s strength-finders reports.  Assignments are matched appropriately.

When should it be done? (Wow! We are taking this seriously now, aren’t we?) But the accountability will be good for all of us. If it is important to get it done, let’s get it done.

What will be measured at the end of the 5-year plan?  By then, we will need to take stock of our situation again. By then, we will need to gather again and ask ourselves some important questions.

Last June, the Presbyterian Church Schools of Belize (PCSB) took stock of their situation. They asked themselves those important questions, and then drafted a strategic plan for consideration and approval. This June, they are gathering together again (along with EduDeo volunteer leaders Peter Meerveld and Bill de Jager) to give their draft strategic plan focused reflection and approval. 

EduDeo supports and strongly encourages its international partners to take stock of their educational structures and practices, so that learning in their Christian schools will flourish.

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