About this Project

Purpose and Goals of Project: To create a unit plan based on the Belize curriculum that reflects God’s plan for the chosen topic and invites students to live into God’s purpose for that topic.

Presenters used a number of different activities and strategies to assist participants in developing a unit plan written from a biblical perspective. After this, a variety of teaching strategies were modeled and practiced, for teachers to apply in their individual teaching situations.

On the final day of the Walking Together project, each group reflected on what makes unit planning different for Christian educators. The units they shared included unit stories, biblical throughlines and formative learning experiences. By the end of the week, they had clearly grown in their ability to see that biblical unit planning was not at all incompatible with meeting government requirements.

Throughout the week, participants were challenged with many new concepts and they met those challenges with thoughtful work and responses. All of the participants joined in the activities and contributed to the discussions. The school leaders that were present worked with small groups of teachers so that they too gained a firsthand sense of unit planning from a biblical perspective. Guided daily reflections were positive and demonstrated a growing understanding of concepts and strategies.

The unit planning process had several highlights. Working in groups allowed for collaboration between teachers, especially within schools. In addition, teachers were given opportunity to reflect on the many ways we can teach biblically beyond the integration of particular Bible verses or passages, and still link well government mandated curriculum topics.

The modeling and practicing of various teaching strategies provided some of the week’s highlights as well. Teachers developed confidence and this translated into a growing depth of thought and willingness to share ideas with the whole group. As another highlight, some field work involved walking through the town in small groups looking for biblical throughlines in action. The discussions that happened both before and after the activity showed learning that would not have happened in the classroom.

Pastor Alvaro, on behalf of PCSB, mentioned in his report that their goals were achieved through this project “because of the approach to start with God’s story and design. The biblical threads that led the planning (Creation- Fall-Redemption-Restoration) strengthened the Christian world view of interpreting academic concepts through the lens of God’s design. The “through lines” made the everyday activities more meaningful and were a great eye opener to see the world with a biblical lens.”

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