About this Project

The main goals of the week focused on dialogue with ACECEN leaders and facilitators about their pilot project for Language and Literature Grade 1-6 and Social Sciences Grade 3-6 with specific focus on analyzing the unit outlines developed by ACECEN teachers and modeling strategies that facilitators can use for further development of the pilot project.

ACECEN facilitators shared their experiences regarding working with principals and teachers on this Curriculum Pilot Project. We compared similarities and differences in their experiences and identified some of the obstacles and challenges. The facilitators presented the pilot project unit outlines from their respective schools and shared their thoughts about teachers’ expression of Biblical worldview.

In pairs, facilitators next discussed two language arts units in terms of the integration of biblical worldview. We followed this by reviewing biblical principles for language arts and engaging in an activity to deepen the biblical worldview for these unit topics.

The group also spent a significant amount of time discussing the roles facilitators played in this pilot project as well as the roles that directors (principals) can play in promoting and supporting the integration of biblical principles in teaching and learning.

Facilitators engaged in revising and expanding the thematic statements of several social studies units of the pilot project. We discussed the varied approaches used to develop a biblical worldview in the pilot project units and identified best practices for integrating Biblical worldview in ACECEN schools.

All in all ACECEN leaders felt that they “were able to assess the work done so far with the schools and allowed us to redesign changes that are necessary to make in future. The analysis allowed us to assess the progress and challenges of the (pilot project) curriculum outlines. Furthermore, the structure of this week’s sessions allowed each facilitator to have new strategies to share with their schools.

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