About this Project

This project continues a partnership with Christian Horizons-Global (CH-Global) to develop qualified teacher trainers who equip and advance the calling of teachers leading to the establishment of quality, God-glorifying Christian schools in South Sudan, as well as elsewhere in Africa.  The current training is occurring in Ethiopia.

To provide Biblical Worldview-based training for transformational education, demonstrating the glory of God and help build a nation founded on Biblical truths.

To equip model National Trainers of Teachers (NTT) at State and National level with teaching skills that are based on Biblical worldview.

Update from Ike & Jennie Witteveen, and Jake & Minka Vriend:

Have not had internet connections for a week, so will send to you all at once.  Tomorrow (Saturday) ends the second week of training here in Asella, Ethiopia, and all is well.  Electricity has been sporadic-- something we didn't think would be much of a problem here, but it could be due to the rainy season--or who knows:)  There is a big difference in daytime temperature between being here in Ethiopia in September (25-26 degrees) as opposed to being in South Sudan in January (35-45).  However, the rainy season brings many mosquitoes, and they are pesky and biting, so we take our malaria pills faithfully. The mosquito net definitely comes in handy at night, and so does the screening material we took along which we duct taped across the open window allowing for air circulation. The flip side of the mosquitoes is that the landscape all around is green and lush, beautiful flowers, and fields of crops. 
Having said that about the weather, last Saturday, the whole class was taken on a surprise excursion to Sedore Resort in the Rift Valley (just over 1 hour away) where it was very, very hot, so different from our training location at this time of year.  It is a resort, which combines natural hot springs, baths, an Olympic sized swimming pool, accommodation and conference center.  It lies alongside the Awash River with an elevation of 1466 metres above sea level and features lush, shady vegetation. Vervet monkeys, black-faced, live in the wild freely on the resort grounds, common to East Africa.  It was a lovely relaxing afternoon after a busy first week.  Not too many of the teachers went swimming, however, because they and the locals have not had the opportunity to learn how to swim.  By the picture below, you will see that most of the people are in the shallow swimming pool and hardly anyone in the Olympic sized one.
We breakfasted one morning with members of the Board of Directors (and some spouses) of The Bible League of Canada, who are on a tour of some of the programs TBLC currently funds in Ethiopia and India. A visit from them to our class followed, where the day started with two inspiring devotionals, one from medical Dr. John Loge (a BOD member) and the other from Ike.  The teachers loved the "visual aids" Dr. John used to illustrate the passage of 1Cor 12 which dealt with the different parts of the body and how we are all part of the one body and need each other to bring transformation through the Word. Ike then concluded with a passage from Isaiah 6 with the statement "Here I am, send me"-- and the spontaneous responses from some teachers was amazing. Many said that when they received the phone call to come to Ethiopia for this extra training, the obstacles that initially they thought would make it impossible for them to be there were huge, for example, the South Sudanese had never owned a passport, some of them guessed at their birth dates, because they owned no ID throughout the war periods. Yet they felt strongly that God was calling them to this training, and, praise God, the obstacles for each and every one of them were overcome. 
The training is going well, great days of learning and teaching, drama, story telling, singing, discussions, journal writings - as well as individual and group presentations by the teachers - beyond expectation.  Everyone is greatly benefiting from the interactive learning experiences, and despite the fair amount of daily assigned homework, they have been so diligent and conscientious and staying engaged.  The group who got the toughest assignment - namely: "What is Knowledge" - its basic principles - where does it come from, what is the biblical view of Knowledge, what is the worldly view, etc. - did a great job.  Awoke ended with saying:  "Every subject we teach must be taught by the Word of God here in Africa - we should speak the Truth to our learners, not a distortion or untruths."   And  Andrew from Uganda wrote in his journal that day:  "This training I am getting is so important to the extent that I'm even experiencing a spiritual transformation in my life."
During the presentation by the teachers on the nature of the learner/student, we were humbled and thankful to learn from them that the previous training on this topic produced wonderful results in their classrooms, in that their relationships with their students had improved so much, which in turn had increased the learning in their classes and schools. Jim Vreugdenhil's Christian Perspectives material is invaluable, together with Harro's book.  Michael Goheen's book "The True Story of the Whole World" is also big hit, the teachers are loving the deeper understanding of Scripture---so lots of spirited discussions.  To God be all the glory!

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