About this Project

This session continued the Walking Together program initiated in August 2012 with the Presbyterian Christian Schools in Belize (PCSB). EduDeo's volunteer educators worked with teachers and principals to develop language arts lessons with a Biblical world view.

Jim Vreugdenhil (Education Consultant, Langley, BC, Canada) and Elaine Junk (Elementary Teacher & Literacy Support Consultant, Edmonton, AB, Canada) shared the following:

Excitement, intensity and personal investment built in the room as we delved into the topic of how language arts teaching & learning is rooted in the Biblical worldview. Through poems and stories and illustrated books, both fiction and non-fiction, all of us became more aware of the values inherent in the literature as well as the values we bring to the text.

Using their own language arts resources, teachers explored significant Biblical questions:

  • What is God’s intention (plan/design) for the language arts topic?
  • How has this purpose been thwarted by the effects of human disobedience and sin?
  • How does God want us to respond?
  • How can we help our students develop a deeper understanding of, experience in, and commitment to a Christian way of life through the study of this language arts topic?

The 39 workshop participants, teachers in the Presbyterian Christian Schools in Belize (PCSB), were actively engaged as they enjoyed the dramatic reading of the literary selections and participating in the response activities. The teachers were eager to learn and practice language arts strategies such as Literacy Café, The Daily Five, and PEEK. One participant showed her enthusiasm in these words:

"My eyes were opened to the relationship of the Biblical story and the language arts books I’m using in my teaching. I am beginning to understand how I can use my language arts teaching to demonstrate the glory of God in my classroom and enrich the lives of my students by helping them to understand how they fit into the Biblical story. From now on I want to read more to my class and open the windows to the world through the reading/responding activities you modeled.” 

We pray that through the partnership program between PCSB and EduDeo the teachers will continue to grow in their ability to implement the Biblical worldview in their teaching of the various subject areas.



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