About this Project

Amazing results Already

This project began in January 2012, with Part I of the training taking place. Read more about that report here. The master trainers are already training other teahers, and students are already exhibiting an increased attentiveness, higher test scores, deeper Bible knowledge and an overall strengthened love for the Lord and His creation!

Collaborative Partnership

This project is a direct result of a partnership with Christian Horizons-Global (CH-Global). 72 key teachers selected by the Ministry of Education of Central Equatoria were part of an introductory course (see Part I) to develop a strong Biblical worldview in education, both in theory and practice. The ultimate goal is to train them to become qualified trainers who equip and advance the calling of other teachers, leading to the establishment of quality, God-glorifying Christian schools in South Sudan.

The impact of the project is quality Christian education to nearly 130,000 primary level students, and increasing that number by an additional 90,000 when the project expands to Eastern Equatoria as intended!

Continuing the training

Part II (in an intentional 3 or 4 part series) took place from January 5 - February 2, 2013 and focused on the same participants - reinforcing the concepts introduced in Part I and on providing practical, interactive ways to implement what has been learned. The educators noted:

It was striking to note how much the teachers had remembered from last year’s course. Participants had become familiar with the big picture, the concepts and terms, as well as our style and nuances. That made it easier for both recall and moving forward. They knew what we were talking about and where we were going.

These are some of the topics and activities this training session covered:

  • Review of Part I, emphasizing Christian Worldview and its impact on life and education;
  • A repeat of a thorough overview of the Bible, revealing God’s faithfulness to His promises in dealing with mankind and with His creation;
  • Chapters 1–4 of “Walking with God in the Classroom” by Harro Van Brummelen;
  • A detailed unit of the Best Teaching Practices in current pedagogy;
  • The Through Lines model of integrating Christian education with daily teaching;
  • Practical lessons: literacy using Bible stories, models to maximize student participation & hands-on learning strategies (drama, cooperative & collaborative learning activities);
  • Science experiments that they can reproduce in their own contexts;
  • Daily writing of journals by the participants writing their thoughts or learnings;
  • Important written feedback given to each teacher on a daily basis.

The educators were excited to see an amazing transformation in the participants. To read several testimonies from teacher's who attended these trainings, click on their photos in the right side bar of this page!  Our educators commented:

Armed with new material, a new worldview (biblical) and a new sense of purpose (no longer just a ‘job’ but a ‘calling’), they began to develop a new sense of enthusiasm. In South Sudan, a common response to the question, "How are you, how is the family, how is the world, how is this course, etc." is always the same: “It’s OK” At the end of this session, there was a noticeable new response: “As Christian educators, we, by the grace of God, can do better than OK, and, by the grace of God, we will.” 

The main purpose of this training, of course, is that it would not stop here, but that it would be multiplied by these select participants to their colleagues across the region. The preliminary reports are very encouraging, showing "Multiplier Effect" trainings happening in the schools where the participants teach, as well as a tangible impact in the lives of the students who attend these schools!

Our educators received the following report:

Headmaster of the Juba One Girls’ Basic School, reported that one of his teachers had attended the Christian Worldview training and in turn, trained his staff, and that through emphasis on Bible reading and morning devotions, he has noticed not only an increase in his learners’ attentiveness, but also in their performance as a result of changes his teachers made to the teaching-learning process, gained from the course training by his staff member. He further reported that 82% of his students from grades 4-8 had performed very well in the Second Term Examinations in Christian Education, Math, Social Studies and Science.

Plans are now being made for Part III of this project, with a focus on strengthening the participants further in implementing a Christian worldview into their teaching. Stay tuned as we continue to move forward in this exciting project that has the potential to shape the youngest nation in the world!

Agnes Struik
Oct 19, 2017 at 11:41 pm

Hi Ike & Jenny

I couldn't find your email address any other way so here goes. As Doug and Heather are leaving for Australia by the end of November I'm putting together an album of contributions of people whose lives have been touched by Doug and Heather. I want to invite you to make a contribution - story, poem, photo or whatever that D&H can take back to Australia as a reminder of their experiences in Canada. I know its not a lot a lot of time but if you can send me something as soon as you can that would be great. Thanks much


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