About this Project

Our volunteer educators travelled to Zambia in response to a request from CCAP to return to continue the training they introduced last year. They helped to enable these trainers to train teachers in the Christian schools of Zambia. Their focus was on how to implement a biblical worldview in Zambia's school curriculum.

The purpose of this project was to provide an educational experience examining the Biblical worldview that provides foundational understandings to the provision of Christian education. The session was organised around the four Biblical themes of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration and the participants were challenged to apply these thematic understandings to the subject of Social Studies. 

The acivities of this session included:

  • An exploration of the concept of a worldview. They discussed the critical questions for all worldviews and did a comparison activity with a Christian and competing worldviews. The class selected the Islamic and traditional African worldview for this comparison.
  • A deep analysis of the aspects of a Christian worldview by discussing God’s Good Creation, the Fall of humanity into sin and Christ’s Restoration of all things through his death on the cross.
  • Unpacking the ten throughlines developed by PCCE in order to better understand the fourth aspect of the worldview, our Restoration
  • A group project as they were dealing with the worldview question. This project was a brief unit plan that required the group to consider the Biblical Story (worldview perspective) and select a working through line. With these biblical refection pieces in the planning process, the group was asked to outline their culminating activity and the entry event for the unit.

The educators noted that this training session has been very effective in achieving its goals and objectives:

  • There was strong endorsement to the Reformed concept of a Biblical worldview. This resonated with their Presbyterian heritage in many ways.
  • There were several personal epiphany moments as we kept connecting these biblical understandings to actual classroom practice. In many ways the CCAP teachers had not yet integrated their Christian understandings into their professional understandings as educators.
  • The group projects clearly captured the extent of the understandings we set out to teach. Of the six groups, four were able to draft a unit plan that reflected consistent application of Christian worldview understanding in the plan outline and components. Some of these were of excellent quality.  

The feedback from the actual participants was phenomenal.  Here are a few of their comments:

The workshop has very much been beneficial to me.  It has transformed me through the Biblical story of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration. I feel that, if this type of workshop can continue, it will transform many. I have cherished the support from EduDeo. God bless you for the good teachings from the Servants of God: Elco and Julius.

To EduDeo – I want to thank you for what this workshop has done to my teaching and understanding of what a Christian school looks like. It has made me knowledgeable on how to relate to workmates and pupils. I believe this will go a long way in bringing about children who will grow up with a God perception of Creation for the betterment of humanity.

Dear EduDeo – I really appreciate for organization this workshop. Such workshop will help our school to build the understanding of our children that God is there in everything we do. He is always ready to embrace them we the turned away from Him. Furthermore, our student will be God fearing children who will live to restore the future.

This has been a great eye opener for us as teachers in the Christian schools in Zambia. We feel children in our schools will be a lot different from those in secular schools. We would love to have more of such workshops so that we get more understanding about Christian schooling. Thank you Jules and Elco.

CCAP plans for those who are being trained to take this training and share it throughout four different regions of Zambia - multiplying the effects of this training over and over again!

Please pray for the participants as they now take what they've learned back to their colleagues and schools.

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