About this Project

This was the first time that the Walking Together program worked with the Presbyterian Christian Schools in Belize (PCSB). EduDeo's volunteer educators first explored the schools and consulted with PCSB leaders, followed by fact-finding and visioning activities that involved school and church leaders.

Project Goals, Tasks & Activities:

  • Help PCSB leaders identify and define the vision they desire to see implemented in the schools;
  • Determine, based on previous activities done in past years through various groups (including EduDeo), how the Walking Together program can best be of assistance to PCSB in helping schools and staff grow in their understanding and practice of a transformational biblical worldview;
  • Determine possible future Walking Together projects
  • Discuss other topics:
    • The role of Christian schools with the state in a church state partnership ( benefits and dangers);
    • The role of administration to promote Christian education among its schools;
    • How do all stakeholders in Christian schools teach under the Lordship of Christ and yet respect the state.

Jim Vreugdenhil, one of the volunteer educators, reported the following:

"It was an exciting week of exploring with teachers, principals and members of the Education Commission the possibilities of what their schools can become. The leadership of PCSB, as well as the PCSB teachers that attended, wholeheartedly embraced the concepts of Christian education and the Biblical worldview on which they are based. It was good for Bill and I to be there and experience their enthusiasm as their understanding grew. This first step of The Walking Together program has been a wonderful blessing in Belize.

The implementation of a partnership agreement between EduDeo and the PCSB for the development of Christian education is off to an excellent start---they have expressed their desire to change their school system into a Christian school movement based on a Biblical worldview.

I want to thank EduDeo for giving Bill and I the opportunity to initiate the process in of growing in Christian education in Belize. Since Bill and I have come to understand the issues and challenges facing PCSB, it would be good if we together could return there to continue to work with PCSB. May the Lord continue to bless your work through the Walking Together program."

When asked if the project achieved its goals and objectives, Jim wholeheartedly stated:

"Yes! The workshop participants really wanted to learn what Christian education is. Their list of questions was significant and most of the week was spent in answering the questions. During the week we sensed the work of the Holy Spirit moving the hearts and minds of the participants as they began to be aware of their growth in the Biblical worldview that is the basis of Christian education. By the end of the week, a strong commitment to Christian education had developed as well as a desire to dig deeper into the Christian perspective in each of the subject areas of the curriculum.

The participants of this workshop completed Workshop Feedback forms and many wrote comments expressing their appreciation for the workshop."

Similarly, the report about this initial visioning process from Alvaro, the General Manager of PCSB in Belize, was favourable and excited as well:

"Each of the presenters added their touch, flavor, gift, knowledge, and experience to the week as they presented and interacted with the participants. They were such a wonderful blend of gifts working together in harmony. It was a model for our participants as well.

Another impact the presenters had on the participants was having mastered the content they were presenting. It was clear that they had the experience and the knowledge in the field. This built confidence in the participants. And also it stimulated interest and motivation to want to learn more.

Relationships were strengthened and others started, because of the interactive learning that took place. Participants worked in groups, presented by groups and moved at different ‘centers’ throughout the building/room. Every minute, learning was taking place. Activities were very intentional. Objectives were clear. This style of teaching really modeled for participants what Christian education is and how it reaches out to ALL subject areas and every activity in the classroom.

As a summary, at the end of the week, it was clearly understood that Christian education is not only having a devotional time at the start of the school day, then forgetting Scripture and the God of Scripture for the rest of the day. Teachers caught on that Scripture is the lens through which to understand God’s creation. Also to hear God speaking to us through his creation in ALL subject areas!"

Teachers also commented on the impact this initial session had already had on them:

The workshop was very important for us, since I can leave with a clear understanding of what exactly Christian education is and how it makes a huge difference in what we do. I look forward to implementing it in the coming school year. (Silvio Gongora, Concepcion School)

This is the first of its kind. It was an in-depth explanation of Christian education. This workshop has really inspired and motivated me to begin another school year in the Lord’s hands. We will all be going in the right direction. (Miguel Medina, Presbyterian Day School)


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