About this Project

In January/February 2012, four volunteer educators traveled to South Sudan, Africa for six weeks as part of EduDeo Ministries' Walking Together Program.

Collaborative Partnership

This project was a direct result of a collaborative partnership with Christian Horizons-Global (CH-Global) that began with similar – and very successful – training for three years in Ethiopia. 72 key teachers selected by the Ministry of Education of Central Equatoria were part of an introductory course to develop a strong Biblical worldview in education, both in theory and practice. The ultimate goal is to train these teachers to become qualified trainers who equip and advance the calling of other teachers in the region, leading ultimately to the establishment of quality, God-glorifying Christian schools in South Sudan.

Brand New Country, Brand New Opportunity

South Sudan is a unique area for this project, as the new country is still struggling to recover from two generations of destruction, trauma and war. The reality is that much of the country's infrastructure and educational institutions are in ruins. In the midst of this chaos, there is a prime opportunity to come alongside teachers whose love for the Lord is unrivaled, and who passionately desire to help rebuild the educational system of their new nation.

Even more encouraging is the fact that the Department of Education there is committed to partnering with organizations that wish to build the capacity of the South Sudanese education system. They have been actively engaged in this project and will provide practical support in its implementation, supervision and evaluation.

Additionally, the government of South Sudan has specifically asked our assistance to bring Christian education into their classrooms and implement a Biblical worldview into all academic and extracurricular programs! They are openly encouraging Christian education in their schools and purposely use God language and Scripture references in their public speeches because they are determined to re-build their nation on Christian principles.

Results are already happening

We are already hearing reports about how this training is touching and transforming the lives of children and teachers in South Sudan!  The 72 teachers who participated in Part I of this training went back to their schools and were visited by CH-Global between April and July to assess their progress.

At Mogiri Primary School in Kajo Keji, Mr. Apollo Langa is the Deputy Head Master who attended the training. This school has 12 teachers and 274 students, 100 of whom are from a marginalized segment of the community. Mr. Apollo took the training he received at Part I and passed it on to these 12 teachers, teaching them about integrating the Christian perspective in all subjects and building children’s knowledge of God through morning devotions.

Mr. Apollo sees changes taking place saying,

"With this small beginning, the Word of God is improving the lives of our students as their knowledge of God improved and as they worship God with great enthusiasm during each day’s morning devotion."

"Since February 2012, children’s attendance of Sunday Services at Mogiri Ngongi Church has increased dramatically and we are making disciples of our children on the solid foundation of the Bible who will become blessings for our community."

At Juba One Girls' Primary School, Mr. Simon Mono was the delegate who participated in the training and he has trained 45 teachers from his school and other schools. Mr. Nicholas Lolik, the Head Master, has observed great change, emphasizing that children in the school have learned to pray, morning prayers are conducted, Bible reading is improved, their attentiveness is increased and their performance is improved.

Similarly Mr. James Paul, the Deputy Head Master of Juba One Boys' Basic School, who also attended the training, witnessed changes to student's performance after 7 teachers in the school were trained on the Christian Worldview, integration of Christian education to other subjects and teaching methods.

Overall, trainings were replicated for teachers by the master trainers in 7 primary schools and 2 secondary schools. They now teach lessons from the Bible, conduct regular morning prayers, education is conducted in organized manner and children clubs and home bible study groups were formed through which children learn the Word of God from each other!

The Director of Quality Promotion at the Ministry of Education for Central Equatoria State participated in a few sessions of the initial training and said that it was "one-of-a-kind to ever happen in the South Sudan education system." He added that, not only is the training unique, but this is the first partnership with the Government of South Sudan to train teachers to improve the quality of education at the primary level.

He expressed that the master trainers are doing well by training other teachers and that their methods of teaching and student participation levels have improved dramatically. The Ministry of Education's First-Term Assessment in April 2012 shows significant improvement in two specific subjects: Christian and Religious Education and Social Studies, pointing to the worldview training as the only special initiative that could have resulted in this improvement!

Teachers are witnessing changes in student's behavior and lifestyle and positive changes are emerging in the schools. The impact has been so great that the government of South Sudah has declared that this training is their top priority!

Making Disciples in the Youngest nation of the world

The latest progress report concludes,

"In accordance with Mark 16:15, when we are making disciples, we lay a Biblical foundation to those children in primary schools who will grow up and go into the world and begin to influence governments, families, health system, education, business, science and arts through biblical worldview as leaders and nation changers.

Hence, the disciples making progress in South Sudan are the key to the blessings of the nation. As we make disciples of 130,000 children in 420 primary schools of the Central Equatorial Sate through Christian Education, we will make be making disciples of the country.

God bless you all for becoming partners in training teachers who understand the redemptive purpose of Christ in raising a generation of children/disciples for the cause of the King and the Kingdom in the youngest nation of the world: South Sudan."

It is essential that this training continue. In a participant's words, "This course is so deep, two weeks is not enough, I hope another training will come."

EduDeo Ministries is planning the 2nd training for January 2013. It will build on the foundation set last year, bringing these trainers one step further along in their ability to train others in this critical area.

Over this multiple-course program of development, these leaders will be invested in and mentored so that they will know how to practically implement the concepts, as well as train their fellow educators to do the same. 

Read more about Part II of this vital training here.

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