About this Project

CRECH (Consortium Pour Le Renforcement de l’Education Chrétienne en Haiti) invited EduDeo to partner with them in developing leaders to become ambassadors for Christ-centred education in their schools. During the week of November 28 to December 3, Robert Koole (from British Columbia, former Walking Together Coordinator) and Fran Joosse (of Toronto District Christian High School) led sessions with 25 leaders in Haiti on the meaning and purposes of becoming ambassadors for Christ-centred education in CRECH’s member schools.

To be an ambassador in this world means to be sent by a country as its official representative to another country.  An ambassador’s work involves consulting with their home country leaders, relaying policy stances and decisions, discussing trade or security agreements, or helping facilitate joint policy statements. Ambassadors encourage strong cultural ties, and work to create good will in the host country by attending events and facilitating exchange of ideas - they follow home country policy at all times, even if they do not agree with it on a personal level.

To be an ambassador for Christ-centred education, however, includes the full scope of a Biblical lens (2 Corinthians 5:18-20) that we are ambassadors from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ.  Ambassadors have a ministry - the ministry of reconciliation, of restoration.   The various definitions and ideas of being a Biblical ambassador were thoroughly explored by all the participants.  As an ambassador for Christ-centred education, you would explore what implications these definitions have for teaching and learning.  Questions before the ambassadors included:  “Is Christ-centred more than just the Gospel added to education? How is the Gospel thoroughly infused in all the teaching and learning content and practices? What would Christ-centred education truly look like?”

The week ended with the participants developing sample profiles and toolbox materials for becoming ambassadors for Christ-centred education in CRECH schools.  The profiles and the toolbox included ideas about

  1. The Ambassador as a person, his/her qualities and characteristics
  2. An Ambassador’s role/task
  3. Ambassador’s briefcase/toolbox of resource materials including knowledge, competencies, and sample topics/themes, as well as activities.

Participants appreciated the opportunity to discuss ideas and develop materials that they could use in their own schools. The sessions were successful and a good step forward to engaging well in Haiti with CRECH. 

EduDeo’s mission is to advance Christ-centred education for children worldwide and the way that we do this is by equipping and building capacity in Learning Leaders (ambassadors) so that they in turn can work with their colleagues on the ground.  We look forward to next steps in building relationships and capacity.

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