About this Project

Jim and Jules led key CCAP directors, staff, board members and principals through a Visioning Conference on what truly Christian education can look like.

There were 8 sessions on key Biblical worldview foundation stones for Christian education: The Purpose of Education, Biblical View of Creation, Biblical View of Knowledge, Biblical View of Students, The Nature of Teaching, The Nature of Learning, Vision & Mission & Values, and Curriculum Structures.

Also included were visits to two schools that were in session---especially to note the teaching/learning processes and their relationship to the key Biblical foundation stones.

The last session was called “Moving Forward,” involving discussion on appropriate next steps and what would be required to implement a long-term plan for development of Biblical worldview in CCAP education.

Comments from workshop participants included:

"I have been a teacher since 1st May 1984, but I did not discover my real role... I will go back to my school with a heart of love for my pupils, teachers, family and neighbours."

"I appreciated the seminar conducted on Christian education. It will help us to turn our schools into Christian mission schools where God will be the centre of all learning and teaching."

"Even when I was appointed to run a mission school, I did not know the job that lied ahead of me.  We continued to teach as secular schools... From here, I am going to share with my teachers, and change the school vision and mission statement that, for a long time, has been representing a secular education."

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