About this Project

Gary & Linda arrived in Santo Domingo on Thursday, Jul. 28. With key COCREF staff, they visited a few schools and important cultural sites.  They also had the opportunity to attend a Dominican church service on Sunday, Jul. 31, and the next day, met with COCREF’s leadership to learn about their ministry, goals and priorities.

The 4-day workshop began on Tuesday, Aug. 2, with the main theme of “The Place and Use of the Bible in the Christian School.”  With the assistance of an excellent translator, Gary and Linda were able to share and dialogue with the small group consisting of COCREF leadership, training facilitators, and a few key directors, as well as representatives from other organizations.

Finding that the participants had a strong understanding of biblical worldview and the Scriptural pattern of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration, Gary and Linda focused on the aspect that they, as many educators, continued to struggle with:  How do we practically implement this worldview in the classroom and school community at large? Areas that received the greatest attention were classroom management and different teaching

Though a tropical storm threatened to interfere with a day or more of the workshop, it mercifully stayed off-shore and didn’t prevent them from meeting together.

Post-workshop evaluations were very positive. The participants felt the workshops were very practical and assisted with key felt needs, i.e., new ways of incorporating biblical worldview in lesson plans and school life. 

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