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New leaders soon discover that their job constantly involves “the serious meddling in other people’s lives.”[i] Veteran leaders carry a litany of “meddlings.”

Both need to listen and learn, so that their interactions with the people in their school communities strengthen (not weaken) learning.  That’s why leaders’ conferences are so important—learning and administrative leaders must meet to learn from each other and others.

The Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize (PCSB) currently have a rich mixture of new and veteran leaders, and are committed to growing  together in a deeper understanding and daily implementation of a leadership grounded within a biblical context.  Their annual June conferences strengthen that commitment.

Last year’s conference featured PCSB veteran leaders sharing important lessons they have learned, and the exploration of the following foundational educational leadership topics: biblical leadership, biblical worldview, the role of the Bible in the Christian school, knowing yourself, preparing for conflict, the relational role of the principal, and school culture.

In consultation with EduDeo, PCSB conference organizers have deemed that strategic planning would be the central topic of learning this June.  Individual PCSB schools, the larger PCSB community and the Presbyterian Church leadership will be given the opportunity to understand how to develop strategic plans which will guide them in future development and growth.

Church and educational leaders in Belize will be walking together with EduDeo learning leaders Peter Meerveld (who will present the strategic planning conversation and development) and Bill de Jager.

May the conference be one of meaningful meddling!

[i] Max De Pree, Leadership Jazz

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