The Chrysalis E-Newsletter: Volume 1

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Hey, Educators!

Welcome to another school year! This year looks vastly different for many reasons, so amidst the challenges, anxiety, and uncertainty, we're here to say: EduDeo is thinking of you and praying for you.

We're dedicated to promoting Christ-centred education around the world and that includes supporting and encouraging educators here in Canada.

One way to support you is through The Chrysalis, our school e-newsletter. It will help you bring a global perspective to your classroom by providing lesson ideas, engagement activities for your students, and international project updates. Check out this video to learn more about what you can expect in each issue:


With every edition of The Chrysalis, we'll be sending you pre-made lesson plans to incorporate EduDeo's work and a global perspective into your classroom. We've done the work so you don't have to!

September's Lesson Plan: Why Education?

EduDeo's mission is to advance Christ-centred education for children worldwide. But why the focus on education? Why has education been called “the key to development” and “the most powerful weapon to change the world”?

Download the lesson plan here:

(plans are designed for a grade 8 level, but can be adapted)

Download an activity page for younger students:


Each edition of The Chrysalis will feature a short handout on what's happening with a few of EduDeo's partners.

September's Update: Just like you, teachers in EduDeo's partner countries have struggled to meet the challenges of remote learning during a pandemic. Read more about how teachers in the Dominican Republic are rising to the challenge.

Download the handout here: 


We'll be hosting our first ever online workshop series for Canadian educators! Join us every Tuesday in November from 7-8PM EST. Learn how to engage with EduDeo and get ideas for how to promote a global perspective in your classroom.

Register here:


There are so many ways to involve EduDeo in your classroom, even while learning online. We're eager to present to your class on a number of topics, including: poverty around the world, the importance of education, global citizenship, and EduDeo's work. Contact Laurie to discuss what would suit your class and share any other ideas you might have!

Email Laurie: or call: 905-387-9927


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