Why did we come to Zambia?

Today was a comparatively uneventful day but a very productive day.  Whether it was the emotions of yesterday or the fatigue weighing on all of us it seemed like we were all a little quieter today. Maybe a day of reflection deserves a blog post with a little thought.

I won’t try to answer why each member came to Zambia; we all have our own reasons, but rather try to stir some thought from everybody about why we give. Our daily devotions have seemed to centre on either serving or suffering.  Tonight we asked ourselves who was truly poor - the young children at the school we toured this morning, so full of love for complete strangers it was unbelievable, or we as Canadians. Not to take away from the poverty and need we have seen every day here or around the world, but I wanted to share that as a group I think we are gaining more from the Zambian people than they are gaining from our service.

Today we put up three walls for the next 2 classrooms whether it was the cooler day, the little experience we now have or a testament to working as a team. I was struck by the joy on Philemon’s face as he surveyed the progress. His passion for his people and for education is infectious.

A few highlights of the day:

We toured another CCAP primary school this morning one that had been mostly condemned by the health minister and is in desperate need of repair. Around 1000 students attend this school and it is extremely overcrowded.  The love these children showed not only to us but to each other was very humbling.

Adam spotted a log hanging in a tree on our way to Hoya, he had spotted it before but we didn’t have time to investigate then. Today we stopped and the beekeepers of the group excitedly poured out of the van. Unfortunately there were no bees but it definitely was a hive, intended to attract a swarm. A hollowed out log with straw on both ends with something to attract a swarm.

Today was our last work day but we got a lot accomplished. The workers will be left with building the footings for the centre of the building which will house the entryway and offices, as well as the wall for that area. Next will be building up the walls above the window level and then the roof and on to finishing touches.

Rosa had another tough day the clutch is starting to go so we are praying that she will survive the remainder of the trip. We also gave a few locals a ride back home as well as one of the workers, the one had a live chicken for supper tonight so that was entertaining.

After we got back a few of us headed over to the market and apparently Jerry had gone for a bike ride and rode past us and no one even noticed him. I guess he is really fitting right in here in Zambia.



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