Today was a day that our partner class had planned for us … a cultural outing designed for us to experience together.

    We met our friends at the school, loaded up our bus together, and left for the beautiful city of Granada - a colourful city that boasts of beautiful architecture and rich culture.

    We began by attending Granada San Francisco Museum, located inside a previous monastery. By touring the museum, we learned much of the history of Nicaragua and the people.

    Next we traveled to Lake Nicaragua where we filled 4 boats and went for a boat tour, traveling through some of the 365 islands found on the lake. The islands are owned privately and have a variety of styles of houses on the islands - some are rental properties and some are private properties. We made sure to stop at “Monkey Island” where Lucy, the locally-known monkey, boarded one of our boats to make a celebrity appearance and to enjoy some treats from us. After our boat tour, we enjoyed a leisurely lunch on the shores of the lake. For some of the Bautista Libertad students, this was the first time they had been to the lake and had been able to enjoy walking along the shores of the water. How special to be able to spend time together at such a beautiful location!

    We ended the day by stopping at a park in Nindiri where we could buy some ice cream, play some games, and continue to enjoy spending time together. We were grateful for the special day that Bautista had organized and planned for us! It is unusual for their students to go on extravagant field trips such as this … which makes it even more special that we were able to share the day with them!

    Our evening was busy as we prepared for our final day with the students of Bautista. We had our devotions, practiced our skit, prepared songs for the Talent Show, and we organized gift bags with souvenirs from Canada to give to the students the next day. We are thankful for another terrific day spent with our friends!    

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